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Keep on Running!The passion of the running creature; the race horse
Kang Gwan-mo  |
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승인 2007.04.30  23:01:28
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리


 HEAVY BREATHING. Restless movements. Unusual silence around the stadium. Everybody focuses on the starting line. When the fences open at once, ten brown creatures spurt out from them.  It is the starting moment for a breathtaking race. Many people enjoy horse race as some kind of entertainment such as gambling However, there is more to horse racing than just winning a bet.









Let's look at the stable where the race horses live. A bit dim inside, Narrow and square. Some may find this place a little claustrophobic. However, this is the home of race horse, where they come and rest.  Looking at the long legs, I sense their instinct for running. Trainer says in eager voice "Their back kick power is seven ton. They are just born to run. Look at their eyes. Those guys enjoy the running. Good horses need excellent pedigree, you know but that is not everything. Only the guys who want to run can be good race horses. Their will is very important." About 1,000 horses live at the Seoul Horse Race Park. Twice a week they get a chance to show off. This chance is not always given to them. Only the horse that has passion can have the chance to run.




  The race is about to begin. Before horses go onto the track they show themselves to the people. In this place, people choose the horse that they will route for. Only the horses that are well-prepared can be chosen.









Finally, The horses come into the track. Some horses get nervous and run their stable before the race begins. Some riders even fall from the horses because the horses refuse to run the race. These horses are just not good enough for this game.


   After the horses have warmed-up on the track, they are ready to run. People become very quiet and focused. When the horses are in the starting booth, the race begins immediately. Although the start is also very important, the winner is not revealed until the end. Nobody can guess the outcome with full confidence.


"Horse No.1 is leading the game. Suddenly No.4 horse takes the second place. Again No. 1 speeds up. Now they are running the last corner. No.1! No.1 Following is No. 8! No.8, Oh! No.8."
The Announcer shouts high-spirtedly, 100 meters, ‘til the finish line! Spectators scream crazily and the excitement of the race reaches the climax. The sound of the thundering hoofs slowly fades away. Finish!


   The winner has already been decided before the horses even stop running. Race horses usually lose about 10kg per one race!  After the race, people show two kinds of reactions. Some people tear their betting tickets into pieces angrily. Other people run to the ticket window with big smiles on their faces. But the heros of the race have no words. They did their best, nothing more nothing less. Win or lose these horses will keep on running until their passion fades way.


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