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Visit to British EmbassyBritish Embassy Open Day for University Press
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승인 2007.05.03  23:08:46
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

REPORTERS OF Yonsei Universitys monthly English magazine attended to the British Embassy Open Day for University Press which held on April 4 at the Aston Hall of British Embassy. British Embassy is bringing its image on with the new sloganThinkUKto appeal to more Koreans and let Koreans be more familiar with the UK, which used to be felt distant compared to the U.S.
  A brief introduction of the visit program went ahead the welcoming message of the  British Ambassador, Warwick Morris, for the university press from all over the universities in Seoul. Attendants listened to the UK's outgoing diplomacy - foreign policies - and its recent matter of issue, the climate change and the human rights.

  After some of the presentations, we had a tour of British Embassys undertaking departments, which varied from a visa room to economic and trade sections, splitting into four groups of 10 people. After that, reporters made their visit to the Ambassadors Residence where attendants were served the beverages with handmade cookies, and were given a short overview of the history of the Residence from its foundation stone to the interesting histories of the botanic garden of the Residence embroidered with arbores.
  Coming back to the Aston Hall, all the programs ended in a prosperous condition, with a concise explanation on getting student Visa of the UK and Chevening scholarship program provided from the British Embassy. Attendants had a time to have a drink in Broughton
s Club located down below the Aston Hall. There participants had a great opportunity to have a talk with staff-member in a livelihood atmosphere and to know more about the UK itself.

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