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The 8th Seoul International Financial Forum
Bae Han-keol Reporter  |
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승인 2007.05.14  22:42:08
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
  The 8th Seoul International Financial Forum was held successfully  
THE 8TH Seoul International Financial Forum was hosted in Westin Chosun Hotel for two days, April 25 and 26. The annual event was co-hosted by The Financial News, along with other international institutions including ABN Amro, JPMorgan, IBM, University of Hawaii FIMA Research Center. This year, the forum was held under the theme ‘Investment Banking Business and New Financial Market Opportunities,’ and was demonstrated with numerous presentations on this issue.
Internationally prominent scholars, researchers and other important figures expressed their views on various topics, such as national economy, financial situations in and outside Korea and market opportunities in economies of developing countries. A few hundred people from numerous institutions such as governments, universities, research centers and private firms, and students attended the forum, ardently listening. On several occasions, attendants actively participated in the Q&A section at the end of presentation, exchanging views with the speaker.
Many presenters agreed upon the fact that the Korean financial market is not developed enough to compete shoulder to shoulder with leading nations. Solutions were suggested, which included creating investment banks and funds with big enough capital to buy and sell assets without restrictions. They added that strengthening investment banks will and should become the next driving force in economic development in Korea.
As one of the most well-known financial forums in Korea and North-East Asia, the 8th Seoul International Financial Forum has once again proved its significance in international finance with valuable and knowledgeable information being presented.
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