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The UP-coming Super RookieKim Kyung-tae, the next Tiger Woods
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승인 2007.05.28  18:34:11
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
1. How did you first get in touch with golf?
My father was a pro-golfer and during my childhood, I was able to see him playing in the field many times. It influenced me a lot and I first started playing it when I was nine years old. I still remember how much I felt proud of my father playing golf during the game. As I first gripped the golf club, I began to enjoy playing it. It was one of my hobbies during elementary and middle school years. However, my golf score was higher than I expected; therefore, my parents and friends encouraged me to become a golfer. This is how I became a pro-golfer now.
2. What is the most difficult thing during the play?
Golf is like a psychological warfare. Therefore, it is very important for a golfer to perform the play with calmness and steadiness. The play continues for four days and despite the scores that you get in the previous state, you should not worry about whether or not you would be better on the next step. Golf can be also described as a very stressful game, because you have to think a lot before you swing the ball. The time you spend during the game is about eight hours a day which takes a lot of time. In result, you have to have a very optimistic mind during the play.
3. The *Annals* has heard that you are donating money through “Birdie Donation” Please tell us about it.
Eight golfers including me are donating money to the children hospital in Severance. It is called “Birdie Donation” which is given when each one of us makes a birdie on the field. Each birdie costs \20,000. We have started this donation from the idea of Jung Gab-yung (Vice President of Yonsei Univ.). This type of donation helps us play better on the field in order to get more birdies as much as possible. It also improves our scores. In addition, we feel proud of donating money to the children through special activity. We have also visited the hospital several times before.
4. What is your future plan?
First of all, my biggest plan at this moment is going to America to join important golf competitions. In order to carry out my plan, I will perform golf games in Japan. It is very significant for me to get good scores in Japan which will give me more chances to go to the U.S. There are many famous golf competitions in America such as PGA Tour where many Korean famous golfers have already made good titles.
5. What is the last thing you want to tell Yonseians?
I have learned the importance of relationship between people these days. Since I have to play golf every day, I only go to school four months every year. I was actually quite worried about what would happen when I go back to school. I might not be able to make friends and get along with them. However, many people were cheering me up for the next competition I would be doing. Friends and seniors support me a lot and tell me about how to do better in the field during the game. I really thank them and I wish that all Yonseians would consider the relationship precious and important.
Even though, the *Annals* spent short time interviewing the famous golfer, Kim Kyung-tae, it was a great pleasure listening to his story and life. He has taught us a lesson that you can not gain something precious in you life unless you confront difficulties and pain.
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