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승인 2007.05.28  19:25:47
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
1. Choi Dae-ho (Soph.,
Dept. of Law)
As the chairman of labor law committee, I have been working on issues related to labor law. This committee includes 15 to 20 people who are all students of Dept. of Law. We have recently gone to Hwan-Hwal in order to participate in more activities and there has been a seminar weekly during semesters. During the summer vacation, I am planning to make plans for the better curriculum of seminars in the next semester. It would take quite many hours and days in order to prepare future activities; however, I am feeling more mature through seminars and meetings. 
2. Kim Ah-ree (Soph., Dept. of Chemistry)
My dream is to become a stewardess. I always thought about becoming one; however, since my studies in the University are not related to it, I was not able to carry out my dream. In addition, during the incoming vacation, I am planning to attend a stewardess academic school in order to learn many things about the career. I will search for more information and the reason I want to be a stewardess is that a stewardess can visit many countries in the world. It would be a fascinating thing to go to a lot of countries in a short period of time.
3. Lee Yong-jae (Sr., Dept. of Computer Science)
I am planning to join a working holiday in Australia this summer vacation. I have already earned enough money for the ticket. I think it is a very good idea because I can save a lot of money and learn English and Australias culture at the same time. I chose Australia because I have many interests in the countrys people and interesting culture. I am not very good in communication with foreign people; I get quite scared when talking to a foreigner. Therefore, I am planning to learn how to communicate well with many people in a foreign country through practices.
4. Shin Hung-wook (Sr.,Dept. of Applied Statistics)
Jazz dance has become a part of my life. I have been doing Jazz dance for almost three years and am planning to go to Jazz dance academic school with my friends this summer vacation. I first started Jazz dance in order to lose weight. I actually didnt expect that I would continue this for three years, but I felt quite addicted to this dance. I am not planning to become a Jazz dancer but it has become one of my hobbies these days. I do not have much time during school days so, I usually practice it during the vacations.
5. Kim An (Soph., Dept. of Chemistry)
I want to go to Africa to experience new things in a new environment. I recently made an African friend and she told me about interesting things in Africa and its culture. She also emphasized that it is not that dangerous living there as people think about it. In addition, I will visit Africa for about two weeks alone but I will stay in my friends house. My family and friends worry about me but I am very excited about going there by myself. I want to stay in a totally different place compared to my home in Korea to learn new things about life and to cooperate better in a new place.
Woo Mi-Hye (Academic Advisor)
Students should change their perspectives towards vacation. Many still thinks that vacation is a long holiday for rests and fun; however, thinking in a different way, it may become a very important time in their lives. First of all, students should seriously think about what they can do during the vacation. When the answers come up, they should make specific plans according to their goals. They can look up for more information in the school website or in libraries. Vacation can give them an opportunity to try out a new thing which cant be carried out during the school days.
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