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Underneath the CandlelightA sketch of the bar
Ahn Yoon-hwan  |
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승인 2007.08.30  13:29:33
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리


THE SUN starts to go down and the sky gets dark with an evening glow. Glittering neon signs begin to flicker one by one on the streets. People come and go on the streets, some with friends, some alone, and they head towards places to drink. If you feel like your home seems too faraway and fancy for some drink, what would you do? How about calling up your friend and turning your footsteps to one of the alluring signs pointing to a BAR?





   Stepping into this establishment, bartenders are juggling their cocktail shakers inside the main bar. Take a seat right beside the bar and order a glass of icy cocktail. It is surely a nice treatment to help one to upsurge his or her feelings. The beautiful, pastel color of the cocktail which is hard to be put into words is an essential thing to enjoy. The bittersweet taste that comes out of this charming-colored liquid can intoxicate your taste. If a cocktail is not enough for you, you are free to go for a shot of tequila or Johnny Walker on the rocks.













    With the slight sensation of alcohol, music takes the baton and elates a lightly elevated feeling. The Smooth and romantic melody of jazz flows in the air.
   “I love you for sentimental reasons… I hope you do believe me…I’ll give you my heart…”
   The Sweet, chocolate tasting vocals of the pianist backed up by his light, crystal-clear piano sound echoes through the hall. Heavily low, but comfortable contrabass sounds as well as the rhythmic drum background mixes together well with a Nat King Cole-like voice. It is like a well made glass of a cocktail, beautiful in both color and taste.





   Music and liquor are not the only ingredients necessary to shape the true atmosphere of a bar. Yes, there should be people. You are absolutely free to go either alone or with company. At a bar, there are frank as well as light discussions. Those talks may be between friends, lovers, or internal.

   “Hey, I heard that Han and Jin are dating”, “I have Eugene in my heart, but I’m not sure what I should do”, “It’s been a long time buddy, I missed you so much…”





   Bar is a place full of sensations. Mellow music is like the taste of sweet liquor, diverse in its color. Dim lighting creates a warm atmosphere, a cozy feeling that helps people feel comfortable talking. It allows guests to become more sentimental, while sweeping along with their feelings. Follow your heart, and whisper the words of love to your beloveds underneath the comfy candlelight of a bar.
   “I love you for sentimental reasons… I hope you do believe me… I’ve given you my heart…”
   Endless stories are floating in the air at a bar, and in those stories, there are people. People with stories, stories with people, and again people with stories… this is the infinite chain that exists at a bar.

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