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Boost Up Your Style!Fashion tips for the upcoming Yon-Ko Athletic Meet
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승인 2007.08.30  20:00:56
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리


Wearing a white shirt under the blue shirt is one of the simplest ways to avoid having a boring look. Dressing up this way, you will even have a sporty look.

IN THE swarming waves of blue T-shirts, you are no longer your sparkling, brilliant self, but a mere dot in the wide blue ocean of fellow Yonseians. Who, on earth, wishes to wear the same old and boring T-shirts as others for the biggest festival of the year? For the extraordinary and fabulous Yonseians, *The Yonsei Annals* is delighted to offer exclusive fashion tips for this year’s Yon-Ko Athletic Meet. Let us be the Yonsei eagles who not only beat the Korea Univ. tigers in various matches but also in fashion sense!

 The sleeves are cut off and different bits of fabric are layered and attached. If you leave some strings on the neckline you will ooze vintage atmosphere.


Specialize your T-shirt

Are you sick of wearing the same T-shirt that your friend right next to you is wearing? Decorate your sleeves! Cut out the neckline! Just by giving your unique touch, the t-shirt is already yours only. Who says a box t-shirt can’t be sexy? Well, it is, once you wave your magic wand upon it.


Trim down the T-shirt following the line of torso and make two loops in the shoulder part of the shirt to link each side with a pink ribbon. On the back, attach a cute blue ribbon to show off your lovely shirt.

Matching bottoms

What goes best with blue? With your beaming new shirt, you will need what goes best with the top. We matched basic blue jeans to support the T-shirts, but if you are ready for a drastic change, we suggest white pants for guys or Technicolor miniskirts for girls. Grey-colored jeans will perfectly match blue for both men and women.


Cut a long slanted line, from five centimeters above the one side of shoulder line to the other side of the shoulder line. For more variation, cut the stiff sleeves away or role the sleeves up. Last, with your elastic band, add a lovely shirring on the T-shirt for a cute look.

The frosting on the cake

Now you are almost ready to jump into the celebration, but not just yet. To top off your splendid outfit, you need accessories to complete the glamorous look. Wearing a blue accessory like blue scarf and bracelet will be helpful in your coordination, but the best bet would be to use complementary colors, such as pink, orange and yellow. Tie up your scarf on your wrist and make up a ribbon for decoration or use it as a bonnet.

 Head yourself off to the Yon-Ko Athletic Meet, flaunting your unique, fashionable and extraordinary look. You are no more a mere dot in the blue ocean; conversely you will be a shining star in the blue sky.


The back part of the t-shirt is cut out entirely, and only straps are left to make a backless top. The cut-out fabric from the back is made into pretty frills to decorate the bottom. The cut-out sleeves are turned into straps for the halter-neck.

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