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Orientations Regarding Credit-Counting Volunteer Courses
Kim Kang-rae  |
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승인 2007.09.04  16:54:59
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
THROUGHOUT THE  month of September, 20 orientations giving information about credit-counting volunteer courses are being held all over the Yonsei Campus. Some of the courses that are offering orientations are the
Disabled Child Caring course and the Eagles Tutoring course, which are held in Widang Hall and Baikyang Hall respectively.
     The orientations being discussed are for those students who applied for volunteer work during the course registration period in August. To complete the registration, students have to complete an application form and turn it in to the appropriate department and attend the orientation.
     “The point of the orientations is to connect the students with volunteer institutes out side of the school, states Lee Jin-woo, a member of staff for Yonsei Univ.s Office of Academic Affairs. The other major reason for holding orientations is to emphasize the importance of having responsibility in these courses.
     The orientation is an important factor in getting a good credit for the course, since Yonsei Univ. is adding emphasis on attending these orientations to the student who have applied for these courses. Students who do not attend the orientations will be given Non-pass in their credit, so students taking part should take care in attending them.
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