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An Opportunity for Global Experience
Choi Ji-hye  |
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승인 2007.09.11  07:00:04
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

ON THE 5th of September, introduction and explanation about the SAP (Study Abroad Program) were given in Room 211 of the Baikyang Hall. Many students interested in studying abroad came to listen and asked questions.

   “Different from the student exchange program, the SAP program endows students more chances to study in foreign countries. The reason is that the SAP allows more students to be dispatched to universities abroad,” said Janet So, the coordinator of the Study Abroad Center.

   Certain distinguishing aspects of the SAP program are that the students have to pay tuition to the foreign university they will attend, and that the semesters they spend abroad are not included in the required semesters to graduate. For instance, contrary to the student exchange program, the SAP program could offer a senior who finished his/her first semester the chance study abroad in the second semester. 

   Not only were there explanations of the SAP and the universities, but also a presentation of Lee Won-hee (Sr., Dept. of Business Admin.) based on his own experience. Through the SAP program, he had spent a semester at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota of the United States. By sharing much information about the conditions and the life in the university, he let the audience get an insight into the global experience.

   Providing another opportunity to the students, the SAP program demonstrates the advanced system of the Yonsei Univ. Such programs may be able to satiate the thirst of Yonseians who are seeking for something fresh and global.


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