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Yonsei, the Mecca of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research
Lee Ga-ram Assisstant Reporter  |
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승인 2007.09.18  17:16:25
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
THE CEREMONY for the completion of hydrogen station was held on September 13th, in which Pres. of Yonsei Univ., the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the CEO of GS Caltex and other eminent figures participated. The hydrogen station in Yonsei Univ. is the second to be built in Asia and the first one in Korea. 
In Yonsei, there have been many leading researchers in the field of hydrogen fuel cell, and they have successfully performed projects assigned by the government. These are the reasons why Yonsei Univ. was chosen as the adequate place for Korea’s first hydrogen station. The hydrogen station facility consists of two parts, which includes a machine that transforms city gas into gas for vehicles and another machine that transforms petroleum naphtha into hydrogen fuel cell. “The hydrogen station is a great opportunity for both researchers and university students. Study of hydrogen has been focused on basic researches. Now, hydrogen station can offer a turning point towards practical use of hydrogen fuel fossil,” states Seol Yong-gun (Prof., Dept. of Chemical Engin).
In the world where global warming has become a big problem, hydrogen fuel cell is the ultimate alternative to fossil fuels. As Yonsei has led the 20 years of basic study in hydrogen fuel, it will also lead the world in public use of hydrogen fuel, which will cut down the greenhouse effect on the long run.

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