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Bringing Life Into WordsA young novelist, Jeon A-ri, touches the heartstrings of readers
Soo-Ji Kim Assisstant Reporter  |
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승인 2007.10.30  19:17:14
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
Chapter I : All about fairy tales
I loved books ever since I was in a kindergarten. Back then, I was fond of illustrated storybooks. I always appreciated the fact that I could easily find books around me; my family owned hundreds of books and my parents provided me with a number of books all the time. As for now, I am glad that I have millions of books so close to me at the Central Library in school.
I was 12 years old when I first wrote my short fairy tale. I had a strong motivation for writing an actual story rather than just reading the ones that were written by others. Thinking back on that time, I remember that it was the admirable compliments from many people around me that encouraged me to begin writing.
Chapter II : A-ri’s story factory
I develop creative ideas and find writing materials in daily lives from everything that I hear and see. The ideas for the stories usually come from general people, whom I pass by, and sceneries or images of the surroundings. For choosing the main idea of the story, for example, social affairs or internal conflicts within human beings, a wide range of experience is very vital. In order to fully express these ideas, sitting in a quiet room is the best way to focus.
My family takes a extremely significant role in my writing. My parents and my sister are always the first people to read my works and they give me very frank and callousness feedbacks. They evaluate my work in the view of readers and their honest thoughts help me a lot.
Chapter III Never-ending story
As for now, it is important for me to end the stories that are being serialized. Then, I am awfully excited to work and proceed with my new feature-length stories, which I feel strongly attached to these days. Someday, I wish to write a feature-length love story. I would like to tell a very romantic and realistic love story of young people because I believe that there are not many love stories written in the perspectives of twenties.
To Yonseians
Yonsei Univ. is such a fascinating place and it provides a great environment to appreciate some of the best readings as well. Relish your time at school and make those times full of sentiments and thoughts of your own.

She had a beautiful smile and two big pretty eyes that seemed to be full of curiosity and imagination. When I was with her for the interview and the pictures, I enjoyed the entire time listening to her stories and seeing millions of interesting faces she made. Now, I cannot wait for the next chapter of her life.

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