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Marvelous Gift as Metaphor for LoveGift suggestions that could lessen your worry
Choi Ji-hye, Lee Ga-ram  |,
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승인 2007.11.01  09:53:06
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AS YOUR beloved one begins to open your gift, your heart goes pit-a-pat. The receiver is untying the ribbons, and you expect the aura of love to beam out from his/her eyes. Ta-da! Finally, the gift is unveiled. However, an unexpected bitter smile appears on the receiver’s face. Now, you want to return to the point when you were browsing for the gift. At least once in our lives, every one of us would have gone through such an experience. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to disappoint someone you cherish. To save you from having to squeeze your brain to find the perfect gift, *The Yonsei Annals* has come up with stunning suggestions.


Box 1: Paint your love onto the cup!

To get somebody a present, don’t you merely visit a place full of ready-made goods? How about creating one on your own? After all, giver’s sincerity is the core element for a special gift. Here’s an option that you can design and decorate gift, customized for your one and only. You don’t even need a separate card to deliver your message. Are you worried because you are not artistically talented? Don’t you worry, because the shop provides a variety of delightful sketches for you.

What to do:

1. Select the kind of ceramics (ex. cups, plates, vases, and teapots).

2. Choose one out of the provided sketches, or draw one yourself on the ceramics.

3. Have fun painting them with vivid colors!

4. The shop will bake your masterpiece and send it back to you 20 days later.

5. Wrap it up and give it to your beloved with all your heart.


Cup: \9,000 ~ \12,000

Plate: \10,000 ~ \20,000

Vase: \15,000 ~ \40,000

Teapot: \20,000 ~ \35,000

(Cerawork at Ssamziegil, Insa-dong)

Visit for more information


Box 2: Let your adorable one be Prince Charming or Snow White!

On your friends’ special day, please them by giving a novel in which they are the main characters. You and your friend can be the beauty and the beast or little prince and the rose. If you are not satisfied with well-known fairy tales, episodes between you and your friend can be good ingredients for a novel recipe. You and your friend’s episodes published into a book could remain as a monumental gift in the receivers’ lives.

What to do:

Case 1: Well-known fairy tales

1. Let the company know the receiver’s name and yours.

2. Order specifics such as pictures or messages to be put in the first page of the storybook.

3. Wait until the book is printed out.

Case 2: You are the writer

1. Write a story about a person you want to give the novel to (about 40 pages of A4).

2. Order specifics such as pictures or messages to be put in the storybook.

3. Send the story to the company and wait for the book to come out.


Case 1: \9000 or\14,000 (if pictures are attached)

Case 2: \45,000 ~ \70,000

Visit or for more information


Box 3: Capture your sweet words for your beloved one

Every morning people are annoyed by the cracking sound of the alarm that goes on and on; however, the mechanical sound often fails to wake them up. What they need is affectionate human voice. Record your words of cheering, nagging, or yelling to help them wake up. It will work right away. Besides the alarm clock, you can also record your voice on various items such as dolls and picture frames.

What to do:

1. Buy an item to record your voice on.

2. Follow the instruction and record what you want to tell them.

3. Give it to your friend and tell them to press the button whenever they want to listen to your voice.


Alarm clock: \17,000 ~ \26,000

Doll: \13,000 ~ \22,000

Picture frame: \10,000 ~\30,000

Visit,, or for more information


Box 4: Roses that do not perish: soap roses

Roses are a great gift for all people in all occasions. Sadly, however, they wither within a short time and there

may be times when the receiver is allergic to flowers. Soap roses are perfect alternative. Just as gorgeous as the real ones, they last longer and are full of other enjoyments. They can be used as potpourri and ‘soap’ to make bubbles while bathing. How about granting your special one the moment to take a bubble bath with lovely rose petals?

Price: \6,000 or up to more than \100,000

To take a look at soap roses, visit


Box 5: Captivate one’s heart with sparkling stars

Looking at dazzling stars in the jet-black darkness, we can lighten up and forget all our burdens. Yet, these days, the stars are barely spotted in polluted air. Rescue your friend from starless nights by giving her/him twinkling delights to fill up their room. The star lights would let them enjoy fantastic ambience as if they are floating in the outer space. Beneath the milky twilight, lie down comfortably in your friend’s room, and have a deep conversation.

Price: \27,000~\48,000 and up to more than \180,000

Visit for more information.


Box 6: Bizarre yet witty items



1. Ashtray shaped like lungs ( : \9,800

   Can you still smoke?

2. Arm pillow for lonely singles ( : \32,000

   For lonely friends

3. Decode alarm clock ( : \33,000, \42,000

   For friends who are heavy sleepers

4. Silicon keyboard ( : \12,900

   Water-proof, stylish, and foldable

5. Recordable toilet paper hanger ( : \29,000

   “Hey, friend. Have fun in bathroom!”








                         *                            *                            *

  Has any special person popped out of your head while reading this article? With the presented unique items, your special one will be blissful and realize how much you pondered upon choosing it. However, you should add your own flavor to these suggestions. Because without your true heart and devotion, the receiver wouldn’t be impressed no matter how special the gift is. Emerson once said, “The only gift is a portion of thyself.” Combined with “a portion of thyself,” the marvelous suggestions we offered will be a shortcut to winning one’s heart.

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