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No Breakdown, Yes Pyeong chang
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승인 2007.11.21  00:26:21
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
HAVE YOU ever heard about the Ping-pong diplomacy? It’s one of the most representative examples of the sports diplomacy which shows an importance of international sports festivals or competitions. Especially, in the era of globalization, the power of sports diplomacy grows bigger and bigger as times goes by.
On Nov. 6th, Yonseians were able to share opinions with Chun Lee-kyung about the sports diplomacy and Pyeong Chang Olympic. In this presentation, the reasons, processes and action plans of the failed 2014 Olympic bid were explained.
All processes of 2014 Winter Olympic Game competition were shown by almost one hour and a half long movie clip with Chun’s explanation. Therefore, Yonseians could find out what exactly was happened during the selection by IOC and could compare Korea and Russia from every aspect.
She said “All of the supports during eight years left us with a sense of futility. However, we should know that it made Korea strong and powerful to that sweat with heavy work.”
We could see the realistic importance of sports diplomacy at 2014 Winter Olympic Games bid between Pyeong Chang and Sochi. Pyeong Chang would have been the host region for Oympic, but the final result of its failure made Koreans so disappointed.However, there had been a lot of supports to get a chance not only from the government but also from a passionate person, Chun Lee-kyung a short track Olympic gold medalist.
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