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승인 2008.02.26  01:42:28
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

CELLULAR PHONES, Personal Digital Assistants, and the Internet are all different ways people communicate with each other. However, is it a necessity? Instead of actually meeting someone, people call the other party with their cellular phones or write an electronic mail. Surely, it is convenient and saves time, but are humans gradually relying on technology too much? We asked Yonseians what consequences our society would face if humans continued to exploit the use of technology.

  Kim Jong-hoon (Jr., Dept. of Econ.)
   I doubt extreme cases such as in the movie The Matrix or I-Robot, will happen. If humans were to exploit the use of technology, I think there would be a possibility of a robot like humans on the rise. People will be so used to relying on technology that in order to get anything done, people would have to do it with the use of technology. Also, the human race would face greater ethical problems and in extreme cases, there may be a hybrid of humans and animals.

  Yim Hye-young (Sr., Dept. of Korean Language & Lit.)
   I think it will bring negative effects. People’s social skills will decrease because the opportunity to actually meet with people will decrease. For example, I tend to keep in touch with those who are already my ilchon on cyworld, thus keeping in touch with a select few—I do not go out of my way to meet other people. People need to meet and interact with others but having technology keeps them from doing so.

  Won Yoo-jin (Sr., Dept. of Business Admin.)
   I think it would take sincerity out of relationships. For instance, when I am texting my friends, I try my best to keep it under the limited number of words so I can save money and time. I also try to keep it short and direct to the point with lots of “sense,” so I think my sincerity does not always come through. As a result, I write short messages. I believe that when meeting people face-to-face, people will not be able to carry on a conversation in the future.

  Kim Back-hyun (Soph., Dept. of Physics)
   I think it will have a positive effect on our society because it will help the human race develop more. But whatever the outcome, it will come down to the individual. We were given technology so it would make our lives more convenient. However, no one said we have to use it; we were given a choice. So I think it is just a matter of choice whether to memorize a friend’s phone number despite the fact that it is already in your cellular phone.

  Kim Joo-bong (Soph., Dept. of Civil & Environ. Engin.)
   In my opinion I think it will bring a positive outcome to our society because I believe that the Internet is a wonderful means of communication. Thanks to the Internet, we are able to keep in touch with those who are far away, just like the relationship between an author and a reader. The author is able to deliver his or her messages to the reader through the book. Thus, the Internet can be a great way of communication, just like a book.

  Kim Eun-young (Academic Advisor, University College)
   I believe that it will bring both negative and positive effects to our society. There is always going to be a pro and con to every situation. But I believe for this problem or rather dilemma, the fate of our society is in our own hands. It did not happen because it just happened, but it happened because we are humans who created it. There is nothing we cannot accomplish.

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