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How Yonseians Do Their Assignments100 Yonseians’ opinions on their assignments
Kang Ji-sun  |
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승인 2008.02.26  10:30:28
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리


 Illustrated by Cha Han-na

WHAT OCCURS in your mind when you think about a happy university life? Maybe dating, MT or dongarhee activities? But indeed, aside from those enjoyable things, there exists one more thing which occupies much of your campus life; your assignments. As far as you want good grades and successful college years, you cannot enjoy your own time forever, but you should do your assignments, while setting aside your personal desires.
Then, what do Yonseians think about when they do their assignments? The Yonsei Annals asked 100 Yonseians about their assignments, in categories including both individual and group assignments.

☞ Part 1: Individual assignments

Q1: What did you think about the amount of assignments you received last semester?

It seems that nearly half of Yonseians are generally dissatisfied with the overall amount of their assignments. Although 41 out of 100 Yonseians said the amount of their assignments was adequate, 51 Yonseians said the amount of assignments was excessive compared to their standard. Only 8 Yonseians said they received fewer assignments than the average. Is it a natural result because Yonseians are first and foremost students and most students dislike homework/assignments? Or do our professors really give too many assignments? I think neither students nor professors may give detached answers.

※ A distinctive result was revealed inside the College of Engineering and Science. Among those 21 students who were majoring in engineering or science, up to 75% complained that their assignment-load was excessive; 50% of them said they received TOO MANY and 25% said they got many. It appears that they have comparatively large amount of assignments. You students of engineering and science, cheer up!

Q2: How much time did you spend on your assignments, per week, during the last semester?

Overall answers were distributed equally for each choice. Particularly, up to 22 Yonseians said they spent above ten hours per week. Ten hours a week means that they spent about an hour and half in a day, completing assignments. Wow! It seems that they are really eager students. On the contrary, there were also some students who spent only less than an hour per week. Do you see the NINE hours gap between them? Well, that gap might have been their grades’ gap. Yonseians, make an effort, so you will not regret it afterwards.

※ Among 22 Yonseians who spent above 10 hours a week completing their assignments, 13 Yonseians, nearly half of them, were in their senior years. It seems that senior students care about their grades much more than students in lower grades since they have their graduation ahead. So, freshmen, sophomores and even juniors, observe how experienced and even sincere the seniors in your class are! If you loosen-up even a little, your grade will be in danger.

Q3: If you have ever been late or failed to turn in your assignments, what was the main reason?


Always being punctual turning in assignments may be tough for nearly all Yonseians. However, one out of five Yonseians said they have submitted all their assignments by the due date. What great students are they? Rain or shine, nothing prevented them from finishing their assignments. Are you included in this exceptional group? Then, you are amazing too!
But even if you have ever been late or failed to turn in any of your assignments, it is not that bad, because you might have your own proper reason. Among 78 Yonseians who have ever failed to meet deadlines, 29 replied that was because they did not want to do their assignments. Since everyone has the right to decide for whether he/she does something or not, at least they are not irresolute.

Q 4: Have you ever bought a completed report on the Internet shops?

 27 out of 100 Yonseians said yes. After all, it seems that keeping temptation regarding finished assignments away is really hard sometimes. One report is usually sold for ₩ 1,000. If it is possible to decrease the time spent writing a long report by ₩ 1,000, Yonseians may feel the urge to go against their conscience. But, bear in mind that being fair is far better than being nervous at the thought that your unfairness will be discovered or exposed. Of course, don’t forget that the Internet shop is not only students’ secret. PROFESSORS are already wise to it.

☞ Part 2: Group assignments


Q 1: Have you ever participated in a group assignment?


 99 Yonseians said yes. Since many liberal arts (gyo-yang) lectures require students to participate in a group activity, it appears that a group assignment is what every Yonseian must go through during his/her college years. That is, whether you like it or not, you have nearly no choice.

Q2: What is the group assignments’ best advantage when compared to individual assignments?


Unlike an individual assignment, a group activity has some different characteristics. It requires cooperation between group members, regular meetings and sometimes even friendship. Then, what aspect of group activity gives the greatest advantage to Yonseians? It appears that human relationships created, as well as enhanced while completing group activities are the most attractive for Yonseians. Group assignments are not only assignments, but also good chance to experience new relationships. Forty said that group assignments’ best merit is that they can have opportunities to socialize with new people, and 20 said they can learn how to cooperate with others.

Q3: What type of group member don’t you like the most?
It turned out that irresponsible and passive behaviors are the least welcomed in group activities. 63, a majority of Yonseians replied that they don’t like free-riders (also known as free-loaders) who hardly participate in a group activity. Since free-riders get the same grade as other group members in many cases, they may incur other members’ ill feelings. Well, the Annals hopes that any of you reading this article were not free-riders, since being incompatible with others benefits no one. Also, be careful not to be branded as a free-rider. Being a free-rider is not that difficult, but the label is hard to shake.

☞ Special: Unforgettable assignments

Q: What was the most unforgettable assignment so far?
Among a variety of answers, the Annals chose the following 8 unique assignments.

- With a group member, do what you wanted to do if you had a lover
- Memorize the names and appearance of 100 students in your class
- Make a mini-helicopter
- Plan a travel itinerary to Europe in detail
- Interview Christian evangelists who shout on the roadside
- Write an erotic fantasy novel

Along with the excitement of a new semester, new assignments also come to you, and they will follow you constantly until your graduation. As long as you cannot avoid them, just enjoy them! Doing assignments helps you broaden your knowledge and provides precious experience. Remember that they never harm you. Balance your happy campus life and school assignments as you think clearly and properly. That will lead you to fruitful and rewarding college years.

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