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Dream Campus TourA selection of the best campus spots in Seoul
Kim Kang-rae  |
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승인 2008.02.26  20:26:36
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

LADIES AND Gentlemen, welcome to The Yonsei Annals tour of the best university campus spots in Seoul. For the past few years, the quality of a university’s campus has been a major factor in determining the university’s ranking among the public, especially among the students. Hence, universities are racing away to build up their campus qualities as we speak. In this issue, the Annals has conveniently put together a virtual tour to bring reality to your imaginations of a dream campus. So, here it is for you: The Campus of Campuses! Sit back, fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy.





The ideal scenery – campus scenes of Yonsei Univ.



We begin our tour with a look at the campus scenery. This school’s campus is well known for its variant beautiful landscape that is brought to light with each season. We’ll take a few minutes here to absorb the breathtaking scenes.



A blockbuster library - the Central Library of Kyunghee Univ.


   This library ahead of you amazes many visitors due to its awesome similarity to the library seen in the movie National Treasure. Spectacular isn’t it? It is enough to make you feel as if you are in the movie. Students claim that studying can actually be fun here.


Rooms available - Group Study Rooms of Sookmyung Women’s Univ.


   Now, if you have ever complained about the lack of quiet space for a group study session, this will make you happy. Just next to the library are the group study rooms. This facility allows students to sit together and discuss their studies, making learning more effective. Such designated space was only available in expensive cafes in the past.


Surf in style - Naver Internet Cafe of Sungkyunkwan Univ.


   Moving on, to the right of you now is an Internet cafe, provided free for the students. Here they can study, research, write papers, and relax at the same time with style. Looks like the students are making full use of the facility as we speak. I think we’ve bothered the students enough for today, so let’s move on to other parts of the campus.



Cheap, tasty, and comfortable - Ewha Sarang of Ewha Womans Univ.


   I am sure that many of you have all complained about the cost and the lack of comfort at any university’s recreation area. This cafe on your left has resolved such complaints of students, as it provides comfortable sofas, tasty food, and a cheap place to eat, conveniently located on campus. With comfy sofas, a slice of delicious cake, and a cup of hazelnut coffee that only costs 900 won , nothing could be better. 


Shopping on campus - Hanyang Plaza of Hanyang Univ.


   Just next to the cafe is this campus’ very own shopping/dining plaza. Inside are fast food restaurants, shops, and benches for you to relax on. Why don’t we take a rest here? Please feel free to visit any of the shops, or the cafe we just looked around. I recommend the hot milk tea from the cafe, it’s pretty good!


A cheap skate - the Ice Rink of Korea Univ.


   Did you enjoy your break? Let’s continue our trip now. Sports facilities are a major appeal to college students. We are now entering the sports facility section, with this on-campus ice rink. Ever since this ice rink was completed, students have found it fun to skate away after classes. What’s even better is that this rink is available to students for just 2,000 won! Let’s spend some time here to enjoy the shockingly cheap skating opportunity.



High tech dorms - the student dormitory of Seoul National Univ.


   The final part of the tour is the dormitory. On your left, you will find the student dormitories. Dormitories are essential for students who live far from campus. This campus’ dormitories are one of the best in Seoul, with its largeness, and especially its outstanding “hand recognition” security system.

*              *              *

   Ladies and Gentlemen, with this view of the dormitory facility, our tour of the dream campus concludes. As your guide for the day, I hope all of you enjoyed the tour, and found it worthwhile. Certainly I myself felt proud of Korean universities’ facilities as I made my way around Seoul. Many students complain at the state of Korean university campuses compared to those of Ivy League, but considering the available land and the financial status, our campuses seem to be in a respectable state. Well, it has been a long day, and I can tell by your faces that you want to rest. Please put your hand in the “hand recognition” lock and follow the signs to your rooms. Goodnight folks!

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