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승인 2008.02.28  23:00:20
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Web Award Korea 2007

The homepages of Yonsei Univ. ( and Yonsei Univ. Health System ( received the grand prize from Web Award Korea 2007, in the public/education field. The award was targeted at the websites which were renewed during 2007.

Volunteer work in Taean
Over 700 students and workers from Yonsei participated in Taean volunteer work from Dec. 27 to 29 in order to clean up the oil spill on the coast of Taean in South Chungcheong Province. This program was sponsored by Yonsei Volunteer Corps and the Student Union.


GS R&D Center
The ceremony of laying the cornerstone for GS R&D Center was held on Feb. 15 at sports field. GS R&D Center is being constructed under industry-academy cooperation with GS Caltex, and will become the core facility of the development of hydrogen energy along with the hydrogen station already established in September 2007.

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Euphonia Concert
Euphonia, the amateur orchestra of Yonsei Univ., will hold its 19th Freshmen Welcoming Performance on March 7, at 7:30 p.m., in the Auditorium. The concert will include well-known pieces such as The William Tell Overture, Aida “Triumphal March”, and Brahms - Symphony No.4 in E minor.


Entrance Ceremony
The entrance ceremony will be held on March 3, at 11 a.m., in the amphitheater. The newly inaugurated President of Yonsei Univ., Kim Han-joong, along with many other faculties, will welcome the freshmen.


Franchise CEO Course
Sangnam Institute of Management will hold a franchise CEO course from March 6 for CEOs and directors of manufacture, distribution, food-service industry and service industry and those who wish to start an enterprise. The course is scheduled to be held for 15 weeks.

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