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Stepping out to the WorldKim Hyung-joon, a veteran of MUN
Jeong Young-in  |
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승인 2008.02.29  08:41:43
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

HAVE YOU heard about Model United Nations (MUN) where selected students get together having days of conference like the actual United Nations (UN)? Here is a brave Yonseian, Kim Hyung-joon (Jr., Underwood International College, International Studies) who swept all the MUNs from a delegate to Secretary-General. The Yonsei Annals had an inspiring meeting with him to hear the stories.


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Kim Hyung-joon (Jr., Underwood International College, International studies)
‘06-‘07 Secretary-General in MUNOS Summit


MUN and me
MUN is a specialized forum designed to promote debate through mutual understanding and negotiation. It takes the form of a simulation of the UN where students take the role of delegates and debate under the rules of the UN as well as its procedures. There are several different styles of MUNs in the world but all of my experiences have been in The Hague International MUN (THIMUN) affiliated conference based in Hague, the Netherlands. I got interested in international issues and MUN while living in four different countries in eight years, especially in Dubai, where only the best students joined it.

Hard but fruitful times
As I was competing with some of the brightest students in the world, to win the right to speak was the most difficult thing for me, who, at that time, was a novice participant assigned to an insignificant country. In order to have my voice heard in the conference, I had to be really outstanding among peers. Despite hard times, it was a great opportunity to learn professional parlance and the way to make real impact with a speech.

Actual stage of diplomacy
I think actual diplomats, more so than students, could make better use of MUN because it would let them understand the way others think by putting themselves in others’ shoes. It makes them open-minded and gives the ability to resolve the differences in the actual diplomatic arena. When it comes to rising enthusiasm for the UN as a job, I think that is due to its stability and reputation. Students should approach this issue with a sense of duty toward humanity not only for the prestige of the job.

My future plans
Unlike what many people think, I don’t see myself as working for an international organization. Actually, I have to break the conventional notion that people who participate in MUN are interested in working for the UN; MUN is just an advanced academic and social exercise that lets you prepare for success as a human being in general. I want to say that MUN is just an excellent and fun activity that gives you a lot of possibilities. In the future, I want to work in the private sector, especially in finance, while young and move on to the public sector when I grow older.

To Yonseians
I see many Korean students as well as most of the adults in Korea thinking too short-sighted, especially when seeing international issues in the world. Most of them see those issues and try to understand them in nationalistic perspectives. As one of the interesting ways to overcome this tendency, I recommend you to join MUN of Seoul (MUNOS) in 2008. More information is available on It is worth an experience for you as a student, regardless of what your goal is. Try to challenge yourself. I’m sure it will make your life vigorous!

It was a great time with him who had both competency and modesty. Not only did he manage many competitions greatly but also had a world perspective which is an essential factor that Yonseians should have in order to become global leaders.

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