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The Highlight of Yon-Ko Fete, Gi-Cha-Nol-E
Oh Ye-sun Editor-in-Chief  |
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승인 2004.10.15  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

GI-CHA-NOL-E, THE closing ceremony of Yon-Ko Fete, was born first in 1985 by the students in Dept. of Physical Education in order to celebrate Yonsei's victory at the 1985 Yon-Ko Fete. The Yonsei Annals asked Yonseians what they think about the present Gi-Cha-Nol-E that has been enjoyed for over 10 years, thinking back on 2004 Yon-Ko Fete just finished last month.



Ko Bong-sik
Jr., Dept. of Econ.

As I have joined in Gi-Cha-Nol-E for several years, I have felt unreasonableness more than amusement. It seemed that Yonseians were running and cheering not to play together, but to rob stores intentionally. Seeing students who made streets messy and noisy, who fought together drunkenly, it suddenly occurred to me what I was doing there.

Now, Gi-Cha-Nol-E is just fixed as the day of getting free alcohol without concern for other people in Shinchon. I think it is not desirable to occupy Shinchon for the whole night in the name of Yonsei and Korea Univ.


Cha Sung-su
Manager of bar Double Double

When the Gi-Cha-Nol-E time comes, we Shinchon store keepers have a big headache. First of all, customers do not come as much as other days, and dozens of groups visit us asking for free alcohol and food through the night. It is really painful for us. However, it is a business that we should treat them smiling even though we hate their behavior, because we know well that we can do business thanks to Yonsei Univ. students. Nevertheless, under the business depression like nowadays, we hope students  behave more thoughtfully.



Na Jin-A
Fresh., Area of Liberal Arts
Because I am an early decision student, I participated in Gi-Cha-Nol-E last year when I was a highschool student. I had never experienced such an event which makes a downtown enthusiastic. It was literally fantastic for me. In Korea, there are few festivals in which people can share pleasure all together passionately. In this culture, Gi-Cha-Nol-E is a good chance for us to enjoy full unity and an enthusiastic atmosphere.




Choi In-yong
Soph., Dept. of Mass Comm.

Some people claim that Gi-Cha-Nol-E should be stopped as soon as possible for its bad effects. However, I sometimes think how would it be if Yonsei Yell Leaders lead this closing ceremony. Cheer leaders might be able to control students better than the school authorities. Rather than going from this bar to that restaurant recklessly, it would be better to gather students' enthusiasm in cheering again on Shinchon streets. Small concerts with invited bands or singers might be exciting, too. Over the years, Gi-Cha-Nol-E has settled down to be a part of the Yonseians' culture to some degree. Thus, I think it is not a reasonable claim to stop this ceremony at once. Rather, it needs to be changed to a more cultural event with cheering and music performances.



Han Jang-woo
Manager of Student Affairs and Services
In Yon-Ko Fete period, especially the day of Gi-Cha-Nol-E, a number of residents and store keepers in Sinchon protest by phone and website to demand university action regarding the loud noise and messy playing of Yonseians.  However, it is very difficult for school authorities to control such behavior because it is not an official event by the school, but the students' own ceremony.
Initially, in the 1980's, students had not bothered stores.

Residents forgave students for that day and store keepers used to offer free makkoli volunteerly. However, as time went by, students began to play excessively. Now many of the residents and store keepers do not support Gi-Cha-Nol-E. If students want to keep this culture, they have to be more mature in participation.

Photographed by Doh Sang-youp

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