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A Free Trip Abroad!Attractive exploration programs for a special summer vacation
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WHEN YOU plan to travel abroad, you have to consider where to go, where to stay, how to get there, how much money you’ll need, and so on. Phew! For those of you who are tired of planning all these, here are attractive ways which guarantee financial support and provide specific travel plans. These overseas programs are sponsored by various companies to give students the opportunity to travel abroad. By participating in these programs, students can enhance their historical or cultural knowledge and learn how to cooperate with others as well. Let’s see which one best fits your needs.

1. University Students’ Long March through Northeast Asia



The program sponsored by The Daesan Foundation and Kyobo is for students who want to understand the history and culture of Northeast Asia (China or Japan) through on-the-spot experience. You will acquire leadership, creativity through cultural investigation, volunteer work as well as an everlasting network with both peers and foreign students. It will be on July or August in less than 12 days.
<Advantage> All expenses for the trip are offered.
Qualification: undergraduate students, including those on a leave of absence from school
1st stage: online application on homepage from May~ June (Specifications will be posted later)- students chosen by lottery system
2nd stage: personal history with resume and cover letter
3rd stage: written examination & interview

<*Application Tip> According to the host organization, during the 1st stage, the more students from same university that apply, the greater the chances students from that school are selected. So you’d better apply with many other Yonseians! During the second and final selection stages, you have to show your strengths and frontier spirit.
<Personal Experience>
I went to China as a member of the 5th expedition. The exchange program with the Chinese students was most impressive. I learned about their culture and history while teaching them about Korea like samulnori (a Korean folk music). I was touched by their confidence in challenging for the new. We all became friends after understanding each other!

2. KIA Global Work Camp


Do you want a worthwhile experience rather than just traveling for fun? You can take part in volunteer activities abroad with little financial charge. You choose country you go among United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Germany, Swiss, Spain, Japan and Laos, and most camps are held in July or August for two to four weeks.


<Advantage> Camp admission fee and round-trip airfare are offered.
Qualification: undergraduate/graduate students including those on leave from school
1st stage: online application on March 10 ~ April 6
2nd stage: personal interview on April 19
<Refer to>

From the former participant Moon Kyoung-won (Jr., Dept. of English Language & Lit.) (2007)


<*Apply Tip> I think representing yourself is the most important. English skill is also important, but you don’t need fluency like natives. You should show your open mind, enterprising spirit, and interests in other countries in your cover letter and interview.
<After note>
I took part in the work camp held in Paris. There, I met friends from worldwide, and now I feel my views got quite broader after living with them for 21 days, facing different cultures. I often forgot even I was tired for laughing loudly at friends’ awkward “Hana!, dul!, set!” while crushing angular stones on a castle wall and weeding. Also, I may never forget kind villagers who invited us home and treated delicious dishes.

3. Sharp Realdic World Culture Expedition


If you are interested in European culture, this is just the thing for you. You can experience the culture and customs of Europe firsthand. According to program schedule, participants will visit historic sites in United Kingdom, France, Swiss and Italy for 12 days and 11 nights from July 7.


<Advantage> All expenses during the trip and round-trip airfare are offered.
Qualification: undergraduate/graduate student including those on leave from school
1st stage: online application on Feb. 25 ~ May 18 – lottery system
2nd stage: personal interview on May 30 ~ May 31. / essay / cover letter
<Refer to>

From the former participant Kim On-yu who graduated from Dept. of Business Admin. in 2008 (2005) 


<*Apply Tip> On the first application stage, I think you need a good luck since candidates are selected randomly. In personal interview, you should specify what you want to earn beyond a plain trip. You don’t have to be loud, but you should show your confidence as you speak clearly and brightly.
<After note> One piece of my diary in Italy
Standing before Duomo Cathedral I felt like as if I were in a grand museum, indulged in great architectures. And the atmosphere of freedom spreading over most works of art in Palazzo degli Uffizi (an art museum) made me impressed. At night, I thought over and over about liberty in Florence on Ponte Vecchio which is known as the most beautiful bridge in Florence, and recalled beautiful sceneries which caught my eyes in the day.


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Were the information above useful for you? Now that you got to know the programs, it is the time to just challenge for them. Grab the chance and make precious memories in your life!

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