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승인 2008.04.08  00:14:40
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Open Market for Class Materials
The 45th Student Association (SA) held an open market for class materials in front of the Central Library from March 6 to 13. Students brought their unnecessary books, and they were sold by the SA at the price recommended by the seller. Through this new system, expensive class materials were exchanged at low prices.

Lectures on Understanding Publishing Culture
The Center for New Humanities of Yonsei Univ. held four lectures on understanding publishing culture. The lectures, each of which dealt with the publishing culture of Korea, publication in the viewpoints of art, humanities, and social sciences, were held once a week from March 7 to 28.

SuperStar e-book
The Central Library offered Chinese e-book service for a month in March. The service provided access to the original texts of over 330,000 Chinese books including some of the most significant historical books.



Mid-Term Examination
Mid-term exam will start from April 21 to 26. The 1st floor 24-hour Study Room, 6th floor Study Room 1, Laptop Room, and Group Study Room in the Central Library will be open 24 hours during the exam period. This exam will be the last exam before the opening of the Academy Information Center.

Wednesday Noon Concert
Wednesday Noon Concert will be held on April 4 and 23. The concert will be held at the lobby of Sangnam Institute of Management at 12:30 p.m. On April 4, the piano recital of the Russian pianist Naum Grubert will take place, and on April 23, a creative music concert will be held. The concert is free of charge.

Yoon Dong-ju Poetry Competition
The entries for the 8th Yoon Dong-ju Poetry Competition will be accepted from April 14 to 18. Any university student can enter the competition, and the applicants should send five poetries on free topics to Yoon Dong-ju Poetry Competition in the Planning Department at Yonsei Univ.

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