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Yummy Places in Shinchon
Jeong Young-in  |
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승인 2008.04.28  22:55:51
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

SHINCHON IS famous for many kinds of famous restaurants. While walking around Shinchon, reading the signs of restaurants makes our mouth water even when we’re not hungry. You must have at least one place that pops up in your mind right now. Share your favorite places and let’s enjoy them together! Which food or restaurant would you recommend to Yonseians?

Kim Young-shinn (Fresh., Dept. of French Language & Lit.)

I think “Omuto Tomato” on Myungmul Street is the most convenient restaurant for students. There are many kinds of items on the menu and each of them has a unique flavor and taste. The restaurant specializes in omelets. Prices are about \7,000 - \10,000 so it’s not very expensive. The colorful design there is a little unbalanced but I think it makes the atmosphere lively. It is the kind of place that students enjoy eating and talking.

Lee Min-kyu (Soph., Dept. of Civil & Environ. Engin.)

My favorite food in Shinchon is a bowl of rice topped with salmon at “Gamunui Udon.” When I first tried the dish, I felt the delicious taste of salmon and its eggs bursting with each bite I took. There is plenty of salmon in the dish, too. It’s \7,000, which is an appropriate price, considering the quantity and the taste. Also the interior of the restaurant is clean. I just can’t forget the taste!


Lee Mee-rim (Soph., Dept. of Law)


I want to recommend waffle at “Venchi” to Yonseians. Unlike most waffles, the waffles there have ice cream in it. You can choose among the taste of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Despite the high prices, I really enjoy their waffles with chocolate ice cream. Not only that, there are special kinds of ice cream like pumpkin ice cream and beautifully decorated chocolate. The owner is really nice. He even served me free ice cream once!


Cho Jung-keun (Soph., Dept. of Mech. Engin.)


“Parmi Italiano” is the best restaurant for many reasons. Most importantly, it is a great place to have a blind date because of the comfortable atmosphere and delicious kinds of food like pizza and spaghetti. The owner is really kind. He pulled out the chair for me when I was seated. Also he knows a lot about food and he talks with the customers about it. My favorite dish there is the salmon spaghetti. Prices are around \10,000.


Nam Seok-mo (Sr., Dept. of Econ.)


Among all the tasty food in Shinchon, I like the dish “charisma pork cutlet” at “Painter and Cook” the best. It is located near the East Gate of Yonsei Univ. and food there is around \5,000. Not only is the food delicious but the atmosphere is also eccentric. I think that’s because the walls were personally painted by the owner. Seeing many foreign and Ewha students there is also interesting.

Gee In-hee (Jr., Dept. of Business Admin.)
I want to recommend Yonseians to go to “Yellow Ribbon” near the West Gate. The most interesting thing about the cafeteria is that you pay whatever you want regardless of the amount. I heard that’s because the host has a Christian volunteer spirit. But most of the customers pay honestly. There are bagels, coffee, juice, cookies, and chocolate. The atmosphere is calm and quiet, so you can feel comfortable with unlimited food!
* For more information about the restaurants above, search the Internet!

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