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Hidden Star of the PartyParty planner for a perfect party
Lee Sang-yeol  |  cjlsy1000@yonsei.ac.kr
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승인 2008.04.29  00:37:26
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

DELIGHTFUL, FANTASTIC, and energetic, these are the words that come into our minds when we think of a party. People have parties for various reasons such as birthdays, graduations, and housewarmings, which are common themes. However, people are exhausted from the immense amount of stress at work and are looking for fun from new recreation. Recently, a new trend of parties has come into fashion with special concepts and themes. This new trend for parties brought about a new job “party planners,” hidden directors behind the scenes.
A director of the party
   The new party culture began a few years ago. People are able to enjoy special atmosphere, different from bars and clubs. “There has been a lack of recreation for the youth. Clubs and bars were the only places we could visit,” says Jeong Seong-hun (Head of Internet café club.cyworld.com/partynobless). At this point, the new party concept is still considered a novel idea. The purpose of these new parties is to meet new people, build strong human relationships, and have a good time together. There are various concepts and themes for these parties such as wine, costume, and single or couple party.


   Party planners are the chiefs in charge of such parties who organize, manage, and run the party. Depending on the theme of the party, they choose the right music, food, event, and other details related to the party. For instance, a party planner prepares entertainment such as a dance contest with festive music for participants to enjoy at the party. For the perfect party, party planners must hire a wide-range of staffs such as a stylist, a cook, a florist, and a master of ceremony to help them. Park Sun-young (Party Director, CEO of *SSUNYP*) describes the party planner as a director of the movie. “A party planner directs the entire party as a director controls every part of a movie such as the camera angle, lights, and sound effects,” says Park. The party planner is in more control of the party than the host.

Merits of being a party planner
   “The most wonderful thing of being a party planner is that one can have fun while working,” says Park. She emphasizes that it is rewarding for party planners to attend a party they’ve created and watch the guest enjoying themselves at the party. Planning an entire party from beginning to end can be burdensome. However, they never get tired of attending a party they created. Instead they feel refreshed with every new concept and theme.
To become a party planner

   The most common way to become a party planner is to attend an academy or university. People who major in the department of party planning in university or attend an academy can learn about organizing, marketing, interior decorating and other elements related to parties. There are many qualities needed to become a successful party planner. Among them, leadership is the most essential. In the process of planning before the party, progressing during the party, and even cleaning up after the party, party planners have to lead their staff and help guests enjoy the party. Party planners also need to be original, inventive, and humorous. People do not want to have an uninteresting party. Only the special and unique parties are remembered for a long time. Therefore, party planners should show their creativity, even in the smallest of details, when organizing a party to leave a good impression on guests.


   Although there are various parties in our society, people only have memories of the parties that were special to them. This is why party planners exist, to make us feel special. They are the people who not only plan the party, but also create the culture of the party.

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