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Be a Yonsei Professor for a Day
JoAnne Ro Assistant Reporter  |
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승인 2008.05.27  18:47:49
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

Be a Yonsei Professor for a Day 

COLLEGE STUDENTS spend a great amount of time in a classroom where they learn and gain experiences that would take them to great success. So it is only logical that they should be provided with the best and well prepared class lectures. However, that may not be the case. So *The Yonsei Annals* questioned Yonseians what affirmative actions the school administration can take to improve classroom conditions and if Yonseians had the opportunity to reformat classroom conditions how they would do so. 

Yoo Ka-eul (Soph., Dept. of English Language and Lit.)

If there are any flaws within our schools education system or style, it would be that not much is counted for the amount of work assigned. For instance in one of my classes, we are given endless piles of essays, presentations, and group projects. Yet all those put together is only worth 5% of our grades, which is unreasonable. So if I were a professor I would make it so that the workload is equivalent to the actual percentage of the students grade.  

Kim Kyung-jin (Soph., Dept. or Econ.)

If I were to name one, it would be that the professors are apathetic when it comes to scheduling big projects or tests. Many professors assign big percentage projects or essays during midterms. This makes it almost impossible for students to give it their all for both aspects. So I would like to conduct my class so that there is constant feedback between the professor and the students, which in result, the students and I can plan out when to take tests or assign big projects on the appropriate date.  

Yang Sung-jun (Fresh., Dept. of Business Admin.)

One thing that does bother me about our schools education style is big capacity classes. Classes with a capacity of 100 and or more students make it difficult to concentrate on lectures. And if I were given the chance to make adjustments, I would make more group activities and less lectures. Additionally, I would make a separate time for feedback between the students and professors so that the professors can have a chance to look at things from the students point of view.  

Kim Ah-ram (Sr., Dept. of Business Admin.)

My biggest concern is with retake classes. Some professors are indolent to come up with new case studies. Students who are retaking classes often times are faced with the same case studies that they have already done a few years back. Furthermore, many exchange professors cancel or postpone classes with no apparent reason. If I were a professor, I would have more one-on-one time with students, and actually go through the case studies first hand. 

Lee Yong-myung (Sr., Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engin.)

Generally speaking some professors and teaching assistants are not well prepared for class. It is the obligation of teaching assistants to help out those who are in need, but in reality, the teaching assistants nor the students have a clue how to solve a formula. So if I were to be a professor, I would like to have more feedback between the students and I so I can take my time to go over aspects that are hard to grasp.  

Isabel Lorenzo Diaz (University College, Spanish Instructor)

One thing that does sadden me is the fact that the percentage of As, Bs, and Cs are already selected. Some students may not deserve to get that A or some may be unlucky and have gotten a Cso its a matter of luck to a degree. It would be much more fair and easier for professors if we were to grade each and every student as an individual. Therefore I would like to grade according to the students ability rather than their ability to qualify for the cut off line.

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