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Nam Jin-young  |
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승인 2008.08.26  21:28:44
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

The romantic university life of the 1980s and 1990s seems to be gone. Now university students are busy preparing for their future careers, and practical majors are becoming more popular than ever, as the students believe those majors would eventually be more beneficial. *The Yonsei Annals* asked Yonseians if there were any departments or majors that would be a good idea to establish and why, regardless of this reality.

Jang Min-ju (Jr., Dept. of Math.)
Once I took a class in the Dept. of Housing & Interior Design and I thought that a Col. of Fine Arts should be founded. It is not proper to select students who have interests and aptitude for areas like Design, Clothing, or Architecture according only to their application essays, GPAs, and standardized tests scores. With a Col. of Fine Arts, these problems will be solved and students would be able to receive more specialized education according to their aptitudes.

Song Sun-mok (Fresh., University College, Engineering)
Establishing a Dept. of Linguistics would be a good idea. There is no such department at our university and I think that it is necessary. Currently in Korea, it is commonly said that the area of liberal arts is undergoing a crisis as many students are not willing to study it, saying that it is not practical. However, it should be desirable to analyze our society linguistically and to build an infrastructure that Korea lacks. I hope that Yonsei Univ. could contribute to such a process.

Hwag Hye-mija (Soph., UIC, Dept. of Political Science)
A Dept. of Tourism is necessary. There are many central clubs related to traveling at our university and many students are in them. They travel around the country looking for historical sites or relics. This seems to show that many students are interested in traveling or tourism. If a Dept. of Tourism did exist, it would be beneficial to those who are interested in the area. It would also be a chance to study and become future specialists in tourism.

Kim Jeong-hyun (Fresh., Underwood International College)
A Col. of Agriculture & Life Sciences would be an appropriate choice. These days more people are concerned about food safety and there has been much dispute over issues such as Genetically Modified Food. However, the research in these areas is not adequately conducted in Korea. If there were a college related to agriculture, there would be more active research in such areas as food safety and could contribute to saving Korea’s agricultural industries.

Jin Yi-yeon (Sr., Dept. of Nursing)
I have always thought that a Dept. of Aerospace is needed. Not too long ago, the first Korean astronaut, Lee So-yeon, became well-known and many became interested in the field of Aerospace. However, it is true that such chances to become an astronaut or work in the field of aerospace are only given to a few people, and Korea’s aerospace industry has to improve more. A new Dept. of Aerospace would make a substantial contribution to educating future aerospace specialists.

Kwak Soon-won (Jr., Dept. of Law)
A Dept. of Exchange Currency Management would be creative and beneficial. Despite the previous economic crisis and the long period of restoring the damages, the economy of Korea is still not stable and is undergoing another crisis. Since Korea depends greatly upon importation and exportation, it is essential to have many specialists in these areas. It is true that insufficient education in these areas is provided for students. Thus, this new department should be founded.

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