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Broadcasting Staff on the RunBehind-the-scenes of broadcasting staff
Kim Yoon-ha, Kim Hye-sun  |,
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승인 2008.09.24  20:33:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

“I DID nothing but just take a scoop out of the cooked meal,

prepared by the rest of the staff.”

- Hwang Jung-min, actor, during The Blue Dragon Awards (2006)


    In television dramas, it often looks like  the actors and actresses make up the whole scene. However, like actor Hwang Jung-min stated, if we take a good look behind the scenes, there are hardworking staff members, who are always there, supporting the actors and actresses. Each and every staff member has his or her own role during the process of producing a scene. Let’s listen to what they have to say about their work.


Before filming


   The Make-Up Team is in charge of the make up and overall appearances of the actors and actresses, and they do their work while the actors and actresses stand-by in the waiting room. The make-up team endeavors to decorate the actors and actresses favorably so that they may approach their televiewers more confidently.




   The Prop Team makes sure every single prop used in each scene is appropriate and perfect. They analyze what kind of situation the scene is, so that they can create a perfect background atmosphere. Then the team goes to the storage room and picks out the right props. Appropriate and perfect props are required so that the scene does not feel awkward to the televiewers.


Ready, action!


   The Lighting Team carries around specialized tools designed to adjust the lights installed in the ceiling. They adjust them carefully to expose the right amount of light in the right location. Different types of lighting are used in outdoor locations.




   The Sound Team makes sure the microphones record the actors’ and actresses’ lines clearly with the proper volume. Like the lighting team, the sound team constantly changes the position of the microphones in order to record those voices. Then, the sound director omits disturbing sounds and regulates the volume level of each person’s lines.


   The Floor Manager receives orders from upstairs when the Executive Producer sends messages through the microphone. So basically, he takes charge of everything that happens downstairs where the actual filming is taking place.




   The Executive Producer is the person who conducts the entire program. While the filming is proceeding downstairs, another room is located upstairs where other producers observe the process. The Executive Producer swings his arms vigorously shouting out, “Cut! Cut!” as the scenes end. His hand swing continues if he thinks the actors’ and actresses’ ad lib is appropriate. 




   The Camera Team is in charge of shooting the scenes in the right frame, as well as at the right angle. They check the script frequently, so that they do not make mistakes composing the scenes differently from the director’s intention.



“Many people ask if the viewer ratings stress us, but they rarely bother us. The viewer ratings are neither our main goal nor purpose, but what really matters is the fruitful work we do, even after the mental stress and physical labor. There are so many things that we gain from this job because it is what we like to do and what we strive our best to perfectly present.”


-Kang Chai-sung, Camera Team of MBC's “Beethoven Virus”




※Special thanks to the staff of KBS's "Beloved" and MBC's "Beethoven Virus"

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