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Yonsei, the First & the Best
Hwang, Ji-hyea  |
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승인 2008.10.28  21:34:23
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

WALKING ONTO the Yonsei campus, Yonseians can spot immediately the big blue banner on the side of the Engineering Hall I, reading “Yonsei, the First & the Best”. This new slogan was created with the goal of producing many global leaders from Yonsei Univ., and is read either consciously or unconsciously by Yonseians everyday. Six Yonseians have expressed their thoughts and ideas about which aspects Yonsei Univ. should be the first and the best in.

Shim Hyun-seok (1st Sem., Dept. of Econ.)
Yonsei Univ. should be the first in trying out new things, delving into new fields, and striving to be the best at the things it is currently working on. It should be the best especially at producing globalization experts. I believe that Yonsei Univ. should produce global leaders in a broader sense. New programs should be made so that they can produce experts and masters in all fields of study.

Kang Min-seung (Jr., UIC, Dept. of International Studies)
Yonsei Univ. is the first private university in Korea and also is one of the top Korean universities, and the slogan “Yonsei, the First & the Best” shows Yonsei Univ.’s hope to become the topmost university. Yonsei Univ. should provide education for the whole student body, so that all students receive education in diverse fields. Yonsei Univ.’s research also should aim to reach an international level.

Kim Sun-hyung (Jr., UIC, Dept. of Comparative Lit. & Culture)
The field of humanities is deteriorating, as many students tend to lean toward studies that are more practical. It is true that Yonsei Univ. graduates have been successful in those areas. However, Yonseians should learn to value the field of humanities, which is the basis of all other fields of study. I hope that Yonseians grow and shine in the society with advantages from pursuing more humanities-based ways of thinking.

Song Nu-ri (Soph., Dept. of Psych.)
I know as a fact that our professors have very high profiles and are well-recognized for their knowledge. However, I think that Yonsei Univ.’s classes are not as good quality as the professors. Some lectures are so inefficient that the only way for the students to learn is to study on their own. Perhaps professors could work on improving the quality of the lectures and provide the best courses in Korea.


Eun Bit (Fresh., University College, Natural Science)
Yonsei Univ. has been recognized as one of the best universities in Korea, and thus the slogan “Yonsei, the First & the Best” proudly stands today. Yet, the field of natural science at Yonsei Univ. is not considered as good compared to other universities in the world. I hope that Yonsei Univ. will be able to develop its technological and scientific fields of study and become the best in the world someday.

Nam Hyung-doo (Prof., Dept. of Law)
The slogan is being misunderstood by many. It is not suggesting that Yonsei Univ. should simply be at the top. As the purpose of Yonsei Univ. is to produce people who can exercise servant leadership, it is important that Yonseians not only strive to reach the top but also care for their followers. I hope that Yonseians become great leaders like Underwood who sets an example for their followers.


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