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승인 2009.02.26  20:18:24
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리


2009 Entrance Ceremony - Feb. 16

Choi Keun-ho

THE 2009 Entrance Ceremony was held on Feb. 16 in Jamsil Gymnasium for students entering Yonsei Univ. this year. Newly enrolled students came with their parents and filled up the gymnasium despite the cold weather. This year the ceremony was held off campus and on a large scale for the first time to overcome previously low attendance rates and to give a big welcome to the freshmen. "The period of about four years that you are going to spend in university is the best chance to obtain the essential and profound knowledge for your whole life. Therefore you should not only study hard on your major, but also take care of other activities like reading books, traveling, and making friends while at university," said Pres. Kim Han-joong.



The 1st Leadership Career Camp for Female Yonsei Students - Feb. 18 ~ 20

Kim Ga-young

THE 1ST Leadership Career Camp for Female Yonsei Students was held by The Women's Career Development Team in Yonsei Univ. Leadership Development. This camp is to cultivate professional women who have gender sensitivity and leadership. Those admitted were juniors and seniors. Participants are granted certificates and get individual career coaching after the camp. When asked about the reason for participating, Lee Mindlle (Jr., Dept. of Math) said, "Before I decide upon my profession, I wanted to exercise leadership for actual practice." The program, a course of 18 hours in total, was held from Feb. 18 to Feb. 20.

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