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Yonsei Dental Philharmonic Orchestra Performance
Park Hey-ine  |
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승인 2009.03.27  21:47:54
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

Yonsei Dental Philharmonic Orchestra Performance - March 7

THE 35TH annual Yonsei Dental Philharmonic Orchestra (YDPO) performance was held in Centennial Hall on March 7. The beautifully performed symphonies, Ludwig van Beethoven’s Egmont, Emperor and Antonin Leopold Dvorak’s From the new world filled the entire hall and captured the audience’s attention at once. “We have practiced hard during the last winter vacation. We may not be professionals but our music reflects our passion and we hope it is transferred to the audience as well,” said Ahn Hye-rim, who is a leader of YDPO, after the performance.


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