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Reaching Inside the Basket of Abilities
Choi Keun-ho  |
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승인 2009.04.28  18:55:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

WHEN WE look around, there are some people who have their own special talents. They impress and amuse others with their gifts, making us regard them enviously. Moreover, while reading science fiction books or watching movies, we sometimes even dream of having supernatural powers, although these are not possible. *The Yonsei Annals* asked, “What ability do you want to have the most?”

Kim Kwang-soo (Sr., Dept. of Biochem.) 

Reading other people’s minds is one of the abilities I am eager to have. It may sound strange, but it is because I want to have better relationships with people around me. When making friends or trying to get along with others, problems occur, as we sometimes misunderstand one another. If I could know what they think about me and want from me right away, I could take immediate action, and these friendships will become deeper.

Park Soo-yeon (Soph., UIC, Dept. of International Studies) 

I wish I had a natural talent for singing. Although it is hard to have chances to show this ability at ordinary times, it would shine when going to the *noraebang* with friends or at a talent contest. By singing in front of many people and getting their attention, I think I could be more confident in my overall life. In addition, I would be happy when people are surprised to see my hidden talent.

Kim Tae-ho (Jr., University College, Pre-med.)

 I always wanted to be athletically gifted since I was young. Most male students at school played soccer or basketball in their free time, but I couldn’t play with them, as I am poor at using my body. I merely looked at their exciting games and envied them their talents. Another reason is that exercise brings not only physical health, but also mental maturity through teamwork and communication.

Kwon Min-jung (Jr., Dept. of Law)

I want to be fluent in many different languages. When traveling abroad, I have met many foreign people in these countries and received great help from them when I got lost or had to buy things. I wanted to express my gratitude at the time. However, I was very frustrated when I could not say that because of my lack of linguistic skills. I want to share emotions with them through language proficiency.

Sa Ru-la (Fresh., University College, Business Admin.)

I would like to have an ability that could keep me and other people permanently young, although it is nothing but a dream in the real world, where no one can resist the flow of time. Last winter, I went to my hometown in China, a year after I left for Korea. I was pleased to see my mother, but surprised at her white hair and wrinkles. I hope to change her into the graceful figure of her young age.

Lee Hee-seong (Soph., Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engin.) 

As I don’t like to walk even a few meters because of my laziness, I have always dreamt of having the ability to teleport myself. In some Korean myths, prominent Buddhist monks move themselves to faraway places suddenly by using this skill, also called *chookjeebup*. In addition, wandering about Shinchon streets at night without worrying about missing the last bus would be really great as well.

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