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Africa Day
Min Ji-young  |
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승인 2009.04.28  21:39:28
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리


ON APRIL 1, the Yonsei Global (YG) hosted "Africa Day" in the Global Lounge. "Africa Day" was held to provide Yonseians with various experiences to understand Africa better. The event consisted of body painting, making African necklaces, trying on traditional African garments, etc. In addition, students from Kenya, Togo, Gabon and other nations of Africa introduced about their countries, and served traditional African food. "Although there are some exchange students who came from Africa, many people do not know about their countries. This is the reason we set up this event: to make many students feel familiar with African culture,” says Hwang Young-suk, the chief of Event Div., YG.


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