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Free to be CreativeOpen your mind to the old, yet new world of art
Lee Hyuk-joon  |
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승인 2009.04.29  00:00:21
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

DO NOT limit your imagination or hesitate to look inside the world of art. Art is not a "special" matter that "special" people do. Art is not an exclusive language that only a chosen few can understand. Art is all around us. We need to open our eyes to notice it. It can be part of our daily lives we usually use, because creativity is something that lies in everyone’s heart. Take few steps closer, and you will be able to open your eyes to a further and wider new world of art.





   Opening your eyes to the world of art may be difficult yet simple at the same time. The artisans are reflecting their creative thoughts and images in their work. His creative mind creates infinitive ideas from transforming leather into a bag, a wallet, and even into an insect. He creates a new little community with one material in his hand: leather.

   Only a slight spark in the head allows her to create art through a car. She is creating another new creation over the original the car with just a black marker. The little car is getting brand new cloth on. It looks simple, but it is an artistic work. A small change it is, then it will  last long in people’s mind.


Free Market: “Fun, Free, Art”

   The atmosphere of Free Market is nothing like a museum or an art exhibition. They are dark, silent, and conservative; only special and chosen artisans  can hang up their great works. And only for  a short period of time.

    At a Free Market, however, artistic works are under a beautiful light. People freely interact with the artisans: they communicate with the artisans about their art, and also show curiosity through physically touching it. They look like old friends having a nice chat. There are no transparent mirrors between them to talk about art like in the art exhibition; no line to cross over. Artists and visitors can learn and grow from the open exchange of ideas by creating individual works of art.

“Don’t lock yourself up”



*                                   *                                   * 



   These works are not those painted by Picasso or crafted by Rodin. Do not deprive your eyes because your mind thinks art is difficult to understand. Art does not have to have profound meaning in our lives. It could contain simple but valuable words like "friend" and "faith". Do not lock up yourself to a common ideas; art is fun, easy and free.

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