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승인 2009.05.26  18:41:08
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

THE LAST month of the first semester has finally come. Around this time, students get to evaluate the courses they are taking, based on their own criteria such as the content of the lecture, professor’s teaching style, and so forth. Among the courses they have taken, students may have their favorite or most memorable one. The Yonsei Annals asked, “If you could recommend only one lecture to other students, which course would it be and why?”     

Yang Ji-ung (Soph., Dept. of Business Admin.)
   The most impressive class I have ever taken was American Culture and Art, taught by Prof. Kim Jin-wook. One day in class, Prof. Kim led all of the students to Chungsong-dae and we danced Talchum together, insisting we should feel Korean culture first before learning about foreign cultures. Students who are sick of the conventional teaching method where the professor speaks most of the time will be satisfied with the class.

Song Ji-hyun (Sr., University College, Pre-med.)
Although I did not get a good grade in the subject, I recommend Yonseians to take Identity Crisis in Adolescence, taught by Prof. Kim In-kyung. Students can share their worries about relationships with friends and the opposite sex through several discussions. The real experience told by Prof. Kim was also helpful in understanding my current problems and controlling them wisely. 

Juhn Soo-hyun (Soph., Dept. of Inst. Music)
   I have a new perspective on music after taking Prof. Chung Hye-yoon’s Asthetic Understanding of Music. The first part of the class is to listen to the diverse music from the Romantic period to the modern age. Students then learn the related theories about the origin of the music and what people gain from music, from an aesthetic point of view. Such two-way approach was so refreshing to me that I did not doze off at all.

Park Ju-ran (Fresh., University College, Social Science) 
   Many Yonseians might be reluctant to learn another language in school because they prefer private language institutes such as YBM. However, Chinese Beginning, lectured by Prof. Park Seong-hye, gives the students easy and clear explanations using real examples of Prof Park’s experience in China and video clips. In class, I feel as if I am taking a one-on-one lecture because she cares about every single student in her class.

Kim Shi-yun (Jr., Dept. of Theology)
   There are some physical education courses for one credit in Yonsei Univ. Prof. Kang Yeo-joo’s Dance Sports was the best one I have ever taken. I learned the basics of Cha-cha-cha, Jive and Tango. During the semester, students have a deep relationship with one another preparing for the midterm and final exam. Also, they can blow off stress and become healthier from practicing about two hours a week. 

Moon Dan-bee (Sr., UIC, Dept. of Comparative Lit. & Culture)
   Prof. Park Hyung-ji’s Victorian Literature and Culture was the most memorable course. As the classes are mostly composed of discussions concerning literary texts, I was always wide-awake while the members of the class provided thought-provoking comments. The professor would constantly throw us challenging questions about the topics, from novels written by authors such as Jane Austen and Anne Bronte.

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