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How to allocate time effectively during vacation
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승인 2004.09.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

   Having months of vacation is one of the greatest advantages of being a student. Especially in college, students can do many things they wish during this time, without the heavy burden of studying for the college entrance exam. However, many students fail to use this time productively because they do not seem to know what to do with the amount of free time given.

   Fortunately, there are several activities college students can participate in, such as helping out in farms or teaching children in rural areas. Other than these activities, students can use the time to travel, read books, earn money, and so on. The opportunity is endless. Instead of simply 'killing time', students should learn to use vacations as a chance to do things they could not before during school.

   The summer vacation is now over; many students may have regrets about the time wasted. Instead of repenting about lost time, learning from the mistakes made and thinking about ways to spend the second term effectively would be better.

Jang Jung-eun
 Fresh., Area of Social Studies

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