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Standing Proud with Yonsei
Min Ji-young  |
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승인 2009.09.22  18:54:37
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

WAS THERE a moment when you felt great pride or confidence because of the fact that you are a Yonseian? Such moments reveal the merits of Yonsei Univ., and can work as factors that strengthen school spirit. The Yonsei Annals asked Yonseians, "When did you feel most proud of our university?"

Kim Jun-min
(Jr., Dept. of Russian Language & Lit.)
 I recently came back to Korea from Russia where I took a language course. I met friends from countries like China and Japan, and, surprisingly, many of them knew Yonsei Univ. They were aware that it is highly recognized and accepts intelligent students in Korea. Some even had friends who study here. I felt proud of the fact that Yonsei Univ. is internationally recognized by many overseas students.


Hwang Si-nae
(Sr., Dept. of Political Science & Int. Studies)
One day, I was reading a book I borrowed from the Central Library on a bus, when a lady recognized the Yonsei mark on the book and asked, "Are you a Yonsei Univ. student? I guess you are a bright young lady." Then, she asked if I would like to tutor her children. At first, I was puzzled by such an unexpected suggestion, but I also felt a bit proud to be considered as a smart and intelligent student by others.

Kim In-seong
(Jr., Dept. of Econ., Wonju Campus)
The excessive drinking culture of university students during school festivals is often considered problematic. As part of the effort to cultivate a more desirable drinking culture, the Student Association of Wonju Campus decided to sell a limited amount of alcohol after a discussion with the vice president. This new attempt was reported by MBC, which I felt proud about. I was glad that we Yonseians are the ones initiating change in university culture.

Kim Su-bin
(Soph., Dept. of French Language & Lit.)
I feel the greatest proud as a Yonseian during the Yon-Ko Athletic Meet. I am a member of Blue Knights (BK), which support AKARAKA's cheering by swinging flags during the Yon-Ko Athletic Meet. The training was very tough both physically and mentally, but I think that feeling of uniting as "one" will remain as one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

Huh Kwon
(Fresh., Underwood International College)
When my mother attends class reunions or other kinds of meetings, she says that her old friends envy her because of the fact that her son entered Yonsei Univ. They ask my mother about how I studied during high school. She tells me that she feels proud when she is at the center of such attention. Being able to make my mother happy, I think it is rewarding for me to be a Yonseian.

Kim Soo-jung
(3rd Sem., Dept. of Psych.)
I decided to come to Yonsei with the recommendation that it has a free, open, and international atmosphere. There are students with diverse backgrounds due to well established exchange student programs and acceptance of North Korean students. Some of my friends from other countries say that they feel comfortable walking along the Baikyang-ro since most Yonseians do not look at them. I am proud of Yonsei's atmosphere of respecting individuality and variety.

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