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Double-Sidedness of Double MajoringCombining academic fields to establish a delightful future
Kim Seung-chan  |
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승인 2009.11.24  18:13:21
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

SEPARATION OF academic subjects began with the modern era of industrialization and the advance of technology, in order to facilitate efficiency in acquiring knowledge needed for the society. Universities in modern societies categorized subjects from a reductive perspective to understand the world. However, from the mid-20th century, synergy effects are being observed by the combination these fields altogether. Professors in universities found that a field of study with applying another academic knowledge. This is how the importance of double or triple majoring became a social issue by its significance. The Yonsei Annals asked 100 Yonseians (53 males and 47 females) about their opinions on double majoring at the undergraduate level.

What are Yonseians’ perspectives about double majoring?
   To get a step closer to one’s destination, one needs to have a clear image of one’s goal. The Annals investigated whether the possibility of accomplishing one’s goal increases or not in the dependence of majoring in more than one academic field. Further in-depth investigation should be provided with precise research by the analysis in the field of advanced educational sciences. However, in the preliminary stage, the Annals asked Yonseians, “do you think the possibility of achieving your goal increases by multiple majoring?” The top two high-rated responses were: “it helps quite a lot (29)” and “a little (29).” Other responses were rated as the following; “not at all (5)”, “may be (27)”, “absolutely yes (10).” It seemed to be that majoring in more than one subject feels to be beneficial in achieving goals for Yonseians.
   As time is not infinite, it is known to be difficult for university students to take more than three majors in the stage of bachelor’s degree. Ahead of analyzing the reasons behind this, another question given to students should be considered - “what do you think about attending various advanced subjects in a limited amount of time?” Two opinions were conflicting by getting the highest number of selection. They were “it is a difficult offer for an individual in terms of learning (32)” and “it is an effective way to utilize personal time (34).” However, 23 students thought that it is a cause of stress, and 5 students responded that it is required for the development of the society.
   The opinion in efficiency about majoring in more than one subject seemed to be positive among Yonseians. Thus, it is indispensable to examine how often some Yonseians who are positive about majoring in multiple academic fields participate in other activities. Let us also see how often some people, who are already majoring in more than one course, attend in other activities.

The interest in double majoring.
   First of all, we identified Yonseians in two groups: those who are planning or participating in enrollment of multiple fields, and those who are not. Out of 99 students who responded to this question, 54 were interested and 45 were not planning to enroll in more than one major. This result was interesting, as it was consistent with the previous results of the question that asked about taking various courses in a limited amount of time. Both results in previous questions and the later question had similar amounts of responses in positive and negative point of view. This means that approximately half agree about double majoring and the other half does not.
   It can be expected that people who are enrolling or planning in multiple fields can lack participation in activities that are not related to academic subjects they learn in university. To demonstrate whether this is true, the students who are planning or enrolling for multiple major were asked by two questions “how often do you participate in activities other than school work?” and “what are the activities, other than school work, that you join in?” Surprisingly, the hypothesis that they will be inactive in other activities was shown to be false. More than half of the respondents were active than normal. These activities include dongahree (32), class activity (30), research activity (8), internship and part time jobs (27), and other activities (10). It seems that a person gets rather active by getting busy with double or triple majors.

Necessity of multiple majors: pros and cons
   Up to this point, the interest and participation in multiple majors were observed; it is now time to analyze the hardships and benefits that come along. If the society requires students to major in various subjects, what will the reason be? Over 50 out of 100 Yonseians answered this question by discussing that “most of the phenomenon that takes place in the world is not only related to one property.” This answer seemed to be obvious, but the second rated answer, “as it is getting harder to get employed, multiple majoring plays a role in winning the competition against other people,” points out a problem of our society. This shows how students are concerned about getting employed after they graduate. Other answers that were rated in minority were “the border between of academic subjects is becoming meaningless (8)”, “multiple majoring makes the company more competent (5)” and “I don’t think that the society is requiring multiple majors (7).”
   As majoring in more than one academic field is taking place in our world, will there be benefits?  Yonseians’ major answers for the benefits of multiple major were “acquiring a wide range of knowledge (42)” and “various experiences in education (31).” Some answered that “a good speculation for one’s ability is made (14)” and “a biased sight towards other majors can be eliminated (4).” Maybe a lot of students are trying to learn more and major in multiple fields, but the reality is not always positive. When the question was asked as “what are the difficulties when majoring in multiple fields,” 49 students responded that they have too much assignments in a limited amount of time. Also, getting stressful by work (23) and systematical problem of multiple majoring by losing time for other activities (23) were pointed out as an essential problem. The concerns in regrets for their choice of multiple majoring (4) followed these responds.

                                                                          *       *         *
   There might be obstacles for majoring in more than one subject. Some might blame their overwhelming assignments, and others might have hardships due to the limited amount of time. However, what is your goal that might make up the upcoming ten years or more? Is double or triple majoring in diverse fields always a great help for your goal? It might be hard to answer this question, just as it is hard to predict the future. Whether the answer is “yes” or “no,” your choice will give solutions for improving the path of achieving your personal goal! 


Do you think the possibility of achieving your goal increases by multiple majoring?

total 100

a little bit 29

a lot 29

sometimes 27

absolutely 10

not at all 5

How do you think about attending various advanced subjects in a limited amount of time?                                        

total 100

It is a good way to use time efficiently 34

It is a hard request for an individual 32

It is a source of stress 23

others 6

It is required for the advancement of modern society 5

How often do you participate in activities other than school work?

                  12                     10                 6                19                    15

<-- not at all---------------------------------------------------------------------------- a lot-->


What are the activities, other than school work, that you join in?

none 5.3%

dongahree 28.4%

ban activities 26.5%

research activities 7%

internship 23.9%

others 8.9%

What are the difficulties when majoring in multiple fields?

total 104

a lot of assignments in a limited amount of time 40

problems such as lack of participation in other activities 23

stress due to work 23

others 5

regret due to one's choice 4


What are the beneficial consequences of multiple majoring?

total 95

gaining a broad range of knowledge 42

broad experience in education 31

better speculation 14

overcoming biased views 4

others 4


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