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승인 2009.11.24  18:50:39
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

THE SHEER glitz and soul in Dream Girls propelled the musical to rank #1 on this year, Jekyll and Hyde cropping up behind as the second most popular. Such highly polished performances are enlightening, fun, and yes, a little expensive for a casual evening out. But the price factor needn’t curtail your cultural lifestyle. There are alternatives, especially if enjoying your weekly dose of musicals, performances, and exhibitions seems more a financial burden than an emotional catharsis. One of them is public cultural spaces that several companies have recently opened as a gesture to give back to the community. Not only do these places give young artists room to express their creativity, they provide the public the opportunity to give thinning wallets a break and indulge in cultural entertainment.


CJ Azit

   A cheerful, cozy structure that provides space for young artists to practice and perform. Under its many programs (with spunky, Baskin Robbins ice cream-like names in their creativity and randomness), performers are also given financial support. And the best part is - it’s absolutely free!
   - How to get tickets: Up to four tickets per person can be purchased through CJ Azit’s homepage after online registration.
   - How to get there:  By metro: Leave Gwangheungchang station (line number 6) via exit 4. Walk 300m straight from Paris Baguette, cross the street in front of Pizza Hut & continue walking for 100m. Turn at Chaeseondang corner. CJ Azit should be at your left. By bus: Take 5713, 7013, 153, or 753.



KT Art Hall

    How about some jazz concerts to spice up your evening? KT Art Hall has a mellow, coffee shop-like ambiance, with wooden chairs, stair-like seats, and a sofa or two to lounge back and sink into your favorite novel. Other than the jazz concerts which are held every afternoon, the place also has a pop art gallery and a café. Concerts cost 1,000, which are used to support hearing-impaired children.
   - How to get tickets: Purchase the tickets online via Tickets can also be purchased on the spot up to one hour before the concert begins.
   - Show times: On weekdays, the concerts begin at 19:00. On weekends and regular holidays, at 17:00.
   - How to get there: By metro: Get off at Gwanghwamun (line number 5) station, take exit 2. KT Art Hall is 1 minute away on foot.

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My first post ! :)
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