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Unraveling the Mystery of the Songdo CampusThe underlying advantages of Songdo
Jeong Joon-oh  |
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승인 2010.02.25  19:56:37
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YONSEI UNIVERSITY was given 280,000 *pyeong* (A *pyeong* is a unit of measurement in Korea corresponding to 3.3058 m2) of land to create a new campus in Songdo. Although the new campus is close to being finished, there is still an area that is yet to be built to make the area complete. The Yonsei International Campus is scheduled to be completed in March 2010, for the upcoming summer school program, and will officially open for Yonsei students in 2011. You always hear students ask, however, “What is so good about Songdo?” Here you will get a taste of what Songdo is going to be like.


As you step on to the new campus, you see a few buildings that are nearly finished. First, you will see dormitories that can accommodate 4,000 students.


Next to them are the mini-library and the two buildings designed for holding classes.


At the classroom complex, you can attend lectures, as well as hold events such as student affairs meetings on the lobby floor.


Moving along, you will see the Cultural Center. At the Cultural Center, you will be able to play basketball on the first floor. It can also be transformed it into an auditorium to hold chapel services.


What you don’t see here is going to be the area where the Songdo Campus library will be constructed, and next to it will be the Songdo Campus Hospital. Just like having Severance Hospital on the Shinchon Campus, the new campus will have a hospital at your service in case of emergencies and other problems.


Yonsei International Campus will have its very own power plant that takes care of the campus phone, internet, and electricity services. If there is any problem with the school’s internet, this is the place that students can contact and the problem will be fixed in no time for their convenience.


Have you ever got tired of dodging cars and mopeds on the Shinchon Campus? Well, on the new campus you will not have to worry about this ever again. The Songdo Campus has been designated car-free. All the cars that come to the campus will be sent under the school. Multiple stairwells that lead to the underground parking area will be installed, so that professors and students can get to their vehicles easily. With a car-free campus, it is not only an eco-friendly but also a safer environment for the students.


Though many students are uncomfortable with the idea that they are being moved to Songdo, there needs to be a time when things can be reconsidered. As the success of Yonsei International Campus is still in the future, the possibilities are endless. Since the construction has already started, this is not the time to try to pull down what has already been made part of Yonsei University. It is the students of Yonsei University who have to help bring our university to a higher level of success using the Songdo Campus. We hope to see significant progress towards the success of globalizing Yonsei University in looking forward to this new campus.

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