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YBS Special Lecture for Press Aspirants (March 10)
Lee Jai-won  |
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승인 2010.03.31  14:24:51
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리


On March 10, Yonsei Educational Broadcasting Station (YBS) held a special lecture at room 101 of General Classroom Complex for press aspirants in Yonsei University, inviting two YBS alumni currently working for KBS. Jeon Hyun-mu, an announcer, and Lee Kang-hyun, the deputy chief of the Department of Drama in KBS gave speeches to students for three hours on their working experiences and tips on the press entrance exams. Park Sun-hye (Chief, Production Bureau, YBS) says, "This event was intended to provide practical information for Yonseians who aspire to work in the field of media communication as well as to attract more applicants for YBS."The lecture was highly successful, drawing 80 students in the lecture hall. All of them showed great interest in and enthusiasm for the lectures. In his witty tone, Jeon advised Yonseians pursuing jobs in the media to improve writing and be equipped with knowledge about current affairs by reading newspapers everyday. Lee emphasized the importance of health when it comes to working for the press, since the working hours of people in press industry is very irregular. Sometimes, they can only sleep less than 4 hours a day. Lee also added that imaginative power and general understanding on the arts and text are required to become a producer in a broadcasting corporation, as one of the most important jobs for producers is to interpret scripts and materialize imagined worlds through constructing sets or casting actors.


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