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Our Lovely Time, Gonggang
Oh Ye-sun Editor-in-Chief  |
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승인 2004.11.05  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

"WHEN IS your gonggang?" This is what we hear everyday on campus. Almost all Yonseians have gonggang, the free time between classes. While some waste the time recklessly, others spend it very effectively. Then, where do you fit-the former or the latter? Do you want to know what others do? The Yonsei Annals asked several Yonseians how they spend their gonggang time. 


Choi June
Fresh., Area of Liberal Arts
   I play badminton every gonggang behind the Col. of Liberal ArtsⅠand Law buildings. The racket is so easy to carry that I can enjoy a short gonggang with my friends playing badminton. As classes begin from early in the morning, and students hang around in Shinchon at night after the classes, they have little time to exercise on weekdays. Therefore, gonggang is surely a good time to do light exercise such as badminton, inline skating and basketball.



Lee Woo-jin
Soph., Dept. of Politics and Diplomacy
   I think the most important thing is time-management. In my case, I make an appointment with my friends or prepare for my next lessons during the one hour gonggang. When I have more than two hours of gonggang left, I go to the Multimedia Room in the Central Library and watch DVDs. With this spare time, I can watch at least three movies a week. In this way, the practical use of gonggang depends on your time-management. Since I spend my gonggang with a plan, I can spend the time effectively.


Park Chan-soo
Soph., Dept. of Bus. Admin.
   When I have gonggang time, I go to the Global Lounge or the Central Library to read the news. In the past, although I carried a newspaper in the subway on my way to school, I often did not read everything. When I arrived home at night, I skimmed the paper stating various excuses about having no time. For those reasons, I decided to read the newspaper or the Internet news in my spare time between classes and I have become accustomed to that nowadays. If you read news every day in detail during gonggang, you will be able to obtain a great amount of general knowledge naturally.

Kim Dong-hui
Sr., Dept. of Bus. Admin.
   I recommend participating in cultural events held near the school in places such as  Seodaemun Prison History Hall or Sejong Center. Combined, the whole gonggang time of each semester is surely a huge amount of time. Reflecting on the past, I regret spending the time drinking and chattering. If you try to seek out cultural events whenever you are free, you will have impressive experiences in your college life.

Moon Da-jung
Fresh., Area of Liberal Arts

   In the last semester, I took a TOEFL class in my gonggang time. I had to attend the class in the General Classroom Complex every day. At first, I was worried that it would be too tough for me. However, I could manage both the regular school courses and extra TOEFL study after all. At the end of the semester, I was very satisfied with my choice. What I suggest is to spend your gonggang by pursuing your own goal, rather than doing just this and that. You will be able to achieve at least one purpose in a semester.

Yoon Se-jin
Fresh., Area of Liberal Arts
   I read books, listen to music and sometimes write poems in Chungsongdae during gonggang. Being busy doing school works, we often need time to speculate for ourselves. I began to like to be in Chungsongdae soon because I could calm myself and feel refreshed through meditating in peace. I think the time with quiet meditation is one of the good ways to spend gonggang meaningfully.

Photographed by
Doh Sang-youp


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