Freshmen respond to new semester and new campus
Jung Ji-won  |
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승인 2013.04.03  20:55:52
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

   The Yonsei International Campus has seen many changes since last semester. With the advent of a new semester, YIC too has undergone transformations such as additional shuttle services, erection of new buildings, as well as the introduction of a new cafeteria, convenience stores, and laundry services. Amidst the excitement of a new semester, some students shared their views on the new Songdo lifestyle they have experienced so far. Kim Won-jin (Fresh., UIC, Underwood Div.) says that “living in the dormitories, though at times sharing a room with three other people can be uncomfortable due to a lack of space, provides a diverse and new experience of interacting with different people.” He also added that the food quality of the new cafeteria below the Underwood library was exceptional, though the lines often grow too long. Choi Su-min (Fresh., UIC, Underwood Div.), another freshman who entered this semester, agreed that there are some “disappointing parts about Songdo such as the unfinished construction environment” but expressed that she loves college life on YIC with her roommates, friends, and classes. Freshmen voiced their hopes that more reforms to improve the residential college experience on YIC will come in the near future. Koh Jong-won (Fresh., UIC, Underwood Division), who is a second semester freshman, contrasted YIC life last semester with this semester. “Last semester, the coziness and family-like atmosphere was strong, but now with more people living here, it has adopted the more busy nature similar to the one on the Sinchon campus,” he says. Suh Hyun-jung (Soph., UIC, Asian Studies Div.) says that it is very apparent that YIC has changed drastically from last semester. “We are going through an adjustment period where everyone is getting used to YIC. And this is resulting in some difficulties like having to wait in line for very long for the shuttle or at the cafeteria, or hardships in getting used to dormitory life,” she says. “But at the same time, YIC is seeing a new kind of liveliness that many university students may come to appreciate.” New and returning students alike are experiencing the great aspects as well as those still in need of reform of YIC, harboring high hopes for what the new semester has yet to bring.

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