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What Would You Do with \10,000,000?Students fantasize about how they would utilize an influx of cash
Lee Ji-yeon  |
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승인 2013.07.25  22:59:15
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

STUDENTS USUALLY do not have a steady income. That is why many encounter situations where they are forced to give up their desires due to financial constraints. Students are already facing the financial burden of tuition fees, living expenses, and other needs. Amidst such difficulties, what would they do if they were unexpectedly given 10 million won? What wishes would they realize with that money?

Choi Yun (Soph., University College, Pre-Med.)
   I always like travelling because it lets me escape the daily life I am used to. It is nice to get away from repetitive routines that are at times tiring or just boring. But you need money to travel overseas. If I had enough money, I would travel around Europe for about 20 days during the summer holiday. It would be a great opportunity for me to broaden my perspective. I have wanted to visit Germany ever since I started learning German in high school. So I would spend most of my trip in Germany. Even though I have forgotten most of the language, I am still interested in experiencing German culture.

Kim Su-hyeon (Soph., Dept. of Business Admin.)
   I once participated in a student club that faced financial difficulties. Even though we had great ideas and good intentions, we could not carry out our plans because we had no sponsors. I am now the leader of the student band Morning Scent, so if I had that amount of money, I would like use it to buy new instruments for my band. Also, with some of the money I would like to buy a camera. I like to travel and it would be nice to keep my memories in a camera instead of my phone.

Lee Seong-yun (Fresh., Dept. of Foods & Nutrition)
   Shopping makes me happy. Given some extra money, I would love to go shopping. I would buy clothes, bags, accessories, shoes and other various beauty products that I cannot normally afford. After shopping, I would dine at a fancy restaurant and save the remaining money in my bank account for the future.

AI (Jr., Dept. of Business Admin.)
   I have always liked to discover new places. Since I am from Europe and I studied for a semester in the United States, I am familiar with most of the Western parts of the world. So if I were to get 10 million won, I would use it for travelling around Asia where I have not had much opportunity to explore. I have visited Beijing and Kyoto on short sightseeing trips and I really loved these cities. I am fascinated by the cultures and places in Asia, so given enough time and money, I really want to go back. Since I like hiking, I would also like to spend some time climbing in Asia in places such as Tibet and the northern part of Japan.

Yang Ji-sung (Soph., Dept. of Business Admin.)
   I would give some of the money to my parents. Since they have always looked after me, I would like to return their kindness. After that, I would like to spend some of it on cultural activities that I have always wanted to try but have not been able to. For example, I have never been to the opera because it is too expensive for a student. Also, I would pay for lessons to learn to play instruments like the guitar and drums.

An Chang-hee (Soph., Dept. of Econ.)
   If I had 10 million won, I would save nine million won and spend the rest on living expenses. If I have any money left after paying for my living expenses, I think it would be best to save it in my bank account because I can earn more money from the interest in the long run. I may spend some of the cash on luxuries I cannot usually afford. For example, I would buy a new guitar for myself and I would take my girlfriend out to expensive restaurants and buy small gifts for her.

Choi Hee-won (Soph., UIC, Dept. of Econ.)
   I am a student at the Underwood International College where the tuition fee is one of the highest in Yonsei University, and I really feel bad about this cost burdening my parents. So I have always wanted to pay for my tuition by myself, even if it is for just one semester. I would feel really great if I could pay my own way, and I would study harder and put more effort into my school work.

Dan Sang-woo (Sr., Dept. of Business Admin.)
   Last year I joined a stock investment club at Yonsei University called Yonsei Investment Group (YIG), and ever since I have been interested in stocks. So if I had extra money in my hands, I would buy some stock. I may not make any profit, and I might even lose some of the 10 million won – who knows? But I have many friends who have already made some serious money through the stock exchange. I think buying stock would be a worthwhile way to utilize the money. I know that I could spend the money on other important things such as paying tuition fees and travelling, but as I do not have any desperate needs at the moment, I would like to invest my money in the stock market and hopefully reap some benefits.


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