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Are You Taking a Double Major?
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승인 2004.09.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

NOWADAYS, AS employment becomes more difficult, many students are choosing their major in two areas for their future. The double major system was introduced in 1996 to Yonsei Univ. and over 2,000 Yonseians are taking it now. While the interest in double major is increasing, The Yonsei Annals reflected on various thoughts of Yonseians about double majors. 

Nam Seok-mo
Sr., Dept. of Econ.

I am majoring in economics and applied statistics. While economics is a kind of theory-centered study, applied statistics is a skill-centered study. I attempted to learn theory and practical affairs together through two fields, and the result was more successful than I expected. In this way, a double major system seems to have a function to assist the main major.



Nam Song-hwa
Sr., Dept. of Law

Though I do not take a double major, I think it is a good system. At first, a double major can give new chance to students. If students do not like their assigned department or want to major in another subject, a double major system would be an alternative way for them.
Secondly, it can be a system which reflects the reality of today effectively. In the past, people used to get a job based on their university name. However, such a style is not possible anymore. Companies employ not graduates of prestigious schools, but talented people. To get plenty of  knowledge through a double major might be essential.

Oh Il-young
Soph., Dept. of Chemical Engin.

I do not like the double major system. Four years in undergraduate days is very short. I think it is not enough time to master even one major. How can we get good results from studying two fields in such a short time? If you really want to major in another subject, it would be better to study it in a graduate school after studying the first major deeply. As a student in Col. of Engin., I think other department studies  are necessary in the engineering field. Therefore, I am planning to acquire a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a master of business administration in a graduate school. Students should acquire two degrees through this process.

Chang Dae-ryun
Prof., Dept. of Bus. Admin.
The main purpose of a double major is to develop an ability doing multi discipline. However, double majoring changed this purpose, taking specific courses only for employment is not a desirable situation. Nowadays, for example, many students in other departments are taking business administration courses because most companies prefer students majoring in business administration. However, the business administration itself has various fields. Students of Dept. of Bus. Admin. have to study one field deeply. From this point of view, the students who come to study business recklessly can only do superficial study. Students have to not only fulfill the least number of credits for graduation, but also acquire enough ability to master their second major.

Yoo Jake
Student of Korean Language Institute

I took a double major in Canada, mathematics and business administration. In my school, University of Waterloo, there is a "Join Program". It is a program which connects two majors together, so that practical education is possible. New subjects combining two majors have been made. Professors manage them systemetically. Though it was very hard for me to complete, I could learn mathematics and business well together. On the other hand, in the double major system of Yonsei, students just choose what they want and take a degree after just completing the required credits.
However, this kind of system is meaningless and not effective because students can be confused in the middle of two different majors. If Yonsei introduced a new program, such as "Join Program", double major system would produce much better results than now.

Photographed by Oh Ye-sun

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Jacob- I don't want to imply the idea that higher spciialezed education is belittled by any means. In fact, the audience behind the article before writing it was geared toward undecided and liberal arts students, and students who realize halfway through college that they can셳 envision themselves working in the field they셱e interested in.If you woke up one day (especially as a sophomore who has already entered your core courses at the conservatory) and decided that regardless of your love for music and singing, you could never see yourself pursuing a career teaching the subjects, singing in a performing group or utilizing your music skills, what would you do? My point is that because you have gotten involved, you were able to obtain a job as a performer. You don셳 need to be marketable for every position, but demonstrating that you셱e spending your time performing, getting out of bed and practicing your skills in something (unlike other college students) shows a lot봪ike persistence, dedication and leadership. This assertiveness may not apply in medical fields and more, but will stand out on a resume and provide you with future opportunities if you ever chose not to pursue music. Since you have a highly spciialezed major, you have had more specific opportunities, but for students that don셳 and are reading this article, they must realize that there is plenty for them to do without quite knowing what their future goals are yet. I respect you for your ability to be pursuing something you enjoy in your collegiate studies and appreciate your feedback on my article. Caitlyn- It is great that you are confident in your goals and interests in science. There is an evident point of difference between the acquired academic skills of liberal arts-based majors compared to science, engineering and mathematical students. The world still needs both to function, and you can셳 look down upon 쐁ommon-sense marketing because a civil engineer might be so focused on his or her critical work that they could not develop an advertising campaign for the company that employs them. I wouldn셳 necessarily describe social sciences as 쐄eel-good, once again as students have a variety of interests and if everyone were doctors and interested in bodily processes, what would we do about the other fields of study? Who would research how to communicate to these people? I have always been told that humans are inherently lazy, so it셲 hard to expect them to want to learn about something they know confidently that they want to use for the rest of their lives. In terms of students that choose 쐗orthless majors, why do you think it셲 expected of them? Where do students receive such pressure? From institutions, individuals or themselves? I셫 curious. Students that aren셳 learning do not have to drop out of college, but more so need a reality check to get them back on track. They were clearly deserving of admittance to a university for a reason at some point, and more forces (like professors and programs) need to be providing assurance. Thank you for your viewpoint.
(2012-03-14 09:24:04)
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