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Now or NeverWhat Yonseians would do if the world were to end the next day
Kim Ye-eun  |
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승인 2015.04.01  19:06:54
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A RUMOR that the world would end in 2012 spread rapidly at the start of that year on many social network service sites. It was not until the “judgment day”, which was came and went tranquilly as ever, that the rumor was proven groundless. Nonetheless, the unsettling hearsay had an extensive effect: not only had it created an air of anxiety, but it also prompted many people to think more carefully about the value of life. This month’s Voice on Campus asked students to imagine how they would go about their final day before the end of the world.


Park Joon-woo (Fresh., UIC, Underwood Div.)

   I would spend my last day appreciating my family and my friends for always being there for me. I believe the best way to express my thankfulness towards them is to do everything they wanted to do with me. For instance, my friends and I share a common interest in traveling. Realistically, it is impossible to travel to many foreign countries within a day. Therefore, my friends and I would take a trip to Jeju Island, the most exotic place nearby. We would walk on the Jeju Olle trail that would lead us to famous sites. Then we would hike Mt. Hallasan where Hallabong, an orange indigenous to Jeju Island, is waiting to be picked and eaten.

Moreover, if there were enough time, I would spend the rest of the day with my family by walking along Yangjaecheon(in southern Seoul). My family and I frequently go to Yangjaecheon because it has an excellent city view at night that brings peace to my mind. This place holds great sentimental value to us, so I chose Yangjaecheon as the last site to visit before the apocalypse.


Ahn So-hyeon (Soph., Dept. of Business Admin.)

   Writing a letter to my grandmother would be the first and the most important thing I would need to do before doomsday. I lived with my grandmother during childhood, so my grandmother and I have a close relationship. As she took good care of me and influenced me in many ways, it is indeed natural for me to express appreciation to my grandmother once again before the apocalypse. I suddenly remember that it has been a while since I have written a letter to my grandmother. Instead of postponing it to the very end, I should send her a letter right now. Moreover, I would also watch the entire episode of Sherlock. It is the most interesting and fascinating TV drama that I have ever watched in my lifetime. I do not regret choosing Benedict Cumberbatch as the last face I shall see.


Lee Jin-young (Soph., Dept. of Econ.)

If the world were to end tomorrow, I would spend the day with the ones who are most valuable to me. First, I would go on one last family journey to the East Sea, so my family and I can leave more precious memories. I believe the East Sea is the most romantic place in South Korea, so it would be the best place to spend my last day. At the seashore, I would pick up seashells to make necklaces for my family. The necklaces would prove that our family would be together until the last moment. My family and I would also eat slices of raw fish and express gratitude towards each other. Rather than regretting what I could have done if the world had not ended, I would appreciate every remaining second with my family.

Secondly, I would leave a blueprint that would prove my existence. I would create a time capsule that contains photographs of me, my personal profile, a wish list and my most favorite object. It would then be buried in the backyard of the apartment where I reside. Either aliens who might possibly visit the earth in the future or some other future occupants of earth would discover the time capsule and get to know what kind of person I was.


Jeong Hae-yeon (Sr., UIC, Dept. of Political Science & Int. Relations)

Rather than trying a new routine, I would stick to my normal daily schedule and discover the beauty within my everyday life. As usual, I would wake up in the early morning to attend a class in the first period, socialize with friends at our most favorite restaurant, have a conversation with my family on ordinary topic and stay up late watching television programs. Since I am used to my everyday lifestyle, which has not changed for four years, I would then feel less anxious about the expected apocalypse. Also, I would want to find out what made my life special, which I failed to appreciate under normal circumstances.

In addition, I would phone my friends and recall any special, memorable moments we had shared. We would mostly talk about short-day trips we took during the school vacation, our past times hanging out at college and more. I predict the call would end with us leaving each other final messages of hope and of love.


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