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Valentine Day and White Day
Ahn Sung-hwan Reporter  |
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승인 2005.03.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

DO YOU have a special girl or boy in mind? You want to confess your love but cannot find the right time for it? Then Valentine Day (Feb. 14) and White Day (March 14) are the perfect days for you. (In Korea, girls give chocolate to guys on Valentine Day, and guys give candies to girls on White Day.) Are you still struggling with what to give on those days? For people like you, The Yonsei Annals asked Yonseians what their ideal Valentine Day is and funny episodes related to it.



Kim Su-jin
Jr., Dept. of Bus. Admin.

The most memorable Valentine Day was the one I had right before I was admitted to Yonsei Univ. On that day, my boyfriend prepared a surprise event for me. He took me somewhere without telling me where we were going. When I arrived to that place, I realized the reason why. There were a series of candles that formed a heart. I was so impressed by the sincere gift he gave me. Of course he did not forget giving me a box of chocolate as well. The stress and worries that I had due to studies and college entrance exams completely vanished since that day. I still thank my cute boyfriend for that unforgettable moment.



Kim Jee-yeon
2nd Sem., Graduate School of Political Science

The most memorable present I received on White Day was the entire collection of "Bernard Werber." It was fresh, useful, everlasting, and unique, unlike normal candy gifts. I deny the normality and commonness. My ideal gift is to rent a cafe and have a nice dinner with my future boyfriend. When the right mood is created, I will play my guitar and sing the song "May I love you," sung by Park Shin-yang. Why should guys always have to play the guitar for girls? Girls could be brave as well!



Shin Seul-a
Soph., Dept. of Biochem.

I think there is some pressure on complex due to the separation of those two days for either side. Once a guy receives a chocolate from a girl, it would be hard for him not to give a return gift. If not, it would be the most heartbreaking scenario for the girl. Guys too, should be able to confess their love on Valentine Day as well. It is absolutely unfair for the girls who have to risk their heart.



Kim Jae-gyun
Sr., Dept. of Political Science and Diplomacy

I used to like this girl in a foreign language high school when I was a high school student. I decided to confess my love to her on Valentine Day. The day came and I waited for her in front of her house. She came out but she seemed to be in a hurry, trying to catch a bus. Somehow, I stopped her and passed my little gift. Lucklessly, however, she just left in a hurry without any words. I guess I was not appealing enough to her. When I confess my love next time, I will not be a failure. I will rent the whole Hyatt Grand Ball Room just for two of us and ask my love to dance the Tango with me. However, to make my dream come true, I will first have to learn how to dance the Tango.



Yi Ju-suk
Soph., Area of Social Studies

Valentine and White Day might be something special for couples. For "solos", however, seeing couples give and accept chocolates and candies are simply heart-stricken. Why do they have to have such days during two consecutive months? It is just killing solos twice.
I also do not understand why they have to annually assign a specific day to share their love to one another. It seems to me that couples have fallen into the commercial strategy of chocolate manufacturers. Especially White Day seems like nonsense to me. It does not exist elsewhere besides Korea and Japan. I could only comprehend White Day as a commercial strategy of candy manufacturers. Couples should not feel any responsibility to buy chocolates or candies for one another. What matters is love, not chocolates, right?


Photographed by Yoo Sung-jee

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