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Bon Appetit!Are Yonseians having a good meal?
Jo Eun-ho  |
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승인 2016.11.03  19:15:19
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
DURING OUR hectic days as university students, we sometimes skip our meals or just make do with instant food. However, “having a good meal” is very important because it brings strength to our daily lives. Then, are we satisfied with our dietary lives? Also, are we satisfied with the meals of our current school restaurants? If not, what should be improved? In this month’s Enquete, The Yonsei Annals conducted a survey on Yonseians’ meals.
Number of responses: 558
1.     Where do you take your classes?
A.    Yonsei International Campus (YIC): 126 (22.6%)
B.    Sinchon Campus: 395 (70.8%)
C.    YIC & Sinchon Campus: 37 (6.6%)
2.     (For those who take classes only at YIC or at both YIC and Sinchon Campus) Where do you usually have your meal? (Maximum three choices)
Number of responses: 205
A.    YIC dormitory cafeterias: 106 (51.7%)
B.    Restaurants inside YIC (i.e. Bongousse Bap-burger): 68 (33.2%)
C.    Y-Plaza restaurant (Underwood Memorial Library basement): 71 (34.6%)
D.    Raon-saem: 67 (32.7%)
E.    Yonsei Co-op convenience store: 71 (34.6%)
F.    Off campus: 50 (24.4%)
G.    Dormitory room/at home: 43(21%)
H.    School club room/community room/gwa-bang*: 13 (6.3%)
I.      Frequently skip meals or just do get bywith a snack: 33 (16.1%)
J.     Others: 4 (2%)
*Gwa-bang: A gathering room for same major students
3.     (For those who take classes only at Sinchon Campus or at both YIC and Sinchon Campus) Where do you usually have your meal? (Maximum three choices)
Number of responses: 404
A.    Burul-saem: 182 (45%)
B.    Gorul-saem: 186 (46%)
C.    Mat-na-saem: 91 (22.5%)
D.    Hayan-saem: 24 (5.9%)
E.    Chungkyung-kwan: 115 (28.5%)
F.    Hangyeong Hall (Faculty-Staff dining hall): 31 (7.7%)
G.    Restaurants in Yonsei Engineering Research Center (YERC) (i.e. SUBWAY, HUNASIUM): 48 (11.9%)
H.    Restaurants in New Millennium Hall basement: 11 (2.7%)
I.      Restaurant in Daewoo Hall: 49 (12.1%)
J.     Restaurants nearby the West Gate: 59 (14.6%)
K.    Restaurants outside the Main Gate: 98 (24.3%)
L.    Dormitory/at home: 78 (19.3%)
M.   School club room/gwa-bang: 16 (4%)
N.    Packed lunch from home: 15 (3.7%)
O.    Frequently skip meals or just get bywith a snack: 67 (16.6%)
P.    Others: 28 (6.9%)
4.     What is(are) the most important factor(s) when choosing where to have your meal?
(Maximum three choices)
A.     Price (78%)
B.     Taste (76.3%)
C.     Waiting time (44.6%)
D.     Distance from the building whereyou just had class (44.3%)
E.     Diversity of menu items (14.2%)
F.     Quantity of food (9.5%)
G.     Cleanliness of the restaurant (6.5%)
H.     Kindness of the employees (1.3%)
I.       Whether there are menu items that fit my taste (i.e. vegetarian) (7.7%)
J.      Others (2.9%)
5.     What is(are) the most important points that restaurants atYonsei should improve? (Maximum three choices)
A.     Lowering prices (52.9%)
B.     Increasing the quality of menu items (41.2%)
C.     Diversifying menu items (35.3%)
D.     Increasing quantity of food (16.3%)
E.     Improving the waiting system (30.1%)
F.     Improving the cleanliness of the cafeteria (7%)
G.     Including more menus in the meal packaging system (12.5%)
H.     Meeting the needs of diverse populations on campus, such as providing suitablemeals for vegetarians (15.9%)
I.       Nothing to improve (6.5%)
J.      Others (6.1%)
6.     How do you manage on days when you cannot have a proper meal because of a busy schedule?
A.     Buy a snack in/out of school (53.9%)
B.     Takeout menus from the school cafeteria (6.1%)
C.     Takeout food from restaurants outside school (1.6%)
D.     Pack your own lunch from home (3.9%)
E.     Have a meal before/after class (33.7%)
F.     Don’t have any fullmeals (31.4%)
G.     Others (1.6%)
7.     What is the most important factor when having your meal?
A.     Chatting with friends during themeal (8.1%)
B.     Having a quick meal within agiven time (8.2%)
C.     Leisurely having ameal (8.6%)
D.     Having an inexpensivemeal (13.1%)
E.     Having a delicious meal (34.1%)
F.     Relieving your hunger (16.5%)
G.     Eating nutritious food (10.9%)
H.     Others (0.5%)
8.     Are you satisfied with your eating habits?
(Very dissatisfied) 1 (3%) / 2 (16.1%) / 3 (40.3%) / 4 (35.7%) / 5 (4.8%) (Very satisfied)
9.     Are you satisfied with meals provided at our school?
(Very dissatisfied) 1 (4.8%) / 2 (18.6%) / 3 (32.4%) / 4 (40%) / 5 (4.1%) (Very satisfied)
10. If our school were to bring in more restaurants, what kind of restaurant(s) would you want?
(Maximum two choices)
A.     Korean food (39.2%)
B.     Western food (9.7%)
C.     Chinese food (11.3%)
D.     Japanese food (34.2%)
E.     Snack bar (22.2%)
F.     Beef/pork/chicken (10.8%)
G.     Vegetarian food (21.3%)
H.     Lunch box (38.2%)
I.       Others (4.5%)
11. (For those who live in a school dormitory or live alone near school) What is the biggest difficulty when having meals in or around school?
Number of responses: 274
A.     No restaurant that opens early (9.9%)
B.     No school cafeteria that stays open after classes end late (21.9%)
C.     Limited menus of school cafeterias (17.5%)
D.     Long walkingdistance to the restaurant (16.4%)
E.     Expensive prices (27.7%)
F.     Others (6.6%)
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