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승인 2005.03.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
MARCH, A new school year's starting!
Freshman: "Yes! It's the start of freedom!"
Sophomore: "No money, too many freshmen, let's hide!"
Junior: "Oh, we are getting old now..."
Senior: "Huh?"
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I sent this reply a few weeks ago but haven't seen it posted. I'm now a soophmore parent and still following the updates on this project. I'm also still begging someone to do something before this project to improve the Pennington Road entrance to the campus. Leaving the other night, the spotlights on the TCNJ signs were basically spotlighting the deplorable condition of that area. Why can't we have some seasonal plantings there right now, for example, some mums would be lovely and very inviting to guests as well as current students/faculty/parents . The campus itself really needs so much more attention but luckily the beautiful buildings and trees make up for the unkempt areas (at least from a distance); the entrance, however, is really in need of immediate attention! I have another child at another NJ state college and the landscaping there makes the campus such a pleasure to visit. Although TCNJ may set the mark amongst the NJ state colleges in many areas, they really need to upgrade their physical surroundings. I believe it will actually go a long way to improving many other aspects of campus life, student life, alumni spirit, etc. Hope you read and reply this time! Thanks. Sue
(2012-08-11 17:19:17)
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