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승인 2005.09.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

MOST YONSEIANS tutor students or serve at restaurants for part-time jobs. However, some students have discovered other great ways to gain experience barely found in normal classrooms. Below, they shared their unique stories with the Annals.

Han Seung-sick


Soph., Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engin.

When the Coex Mall in Samsung-dong was under construction, I installed ventilating fans in the Mall as a part-time job. Through this experience, I had a chance to understand other laborers of my parent's age. Some of them used to be somewhat successful businessmen and CEOs, who later were laid off during the IMF period. I still remember the stories and soju I shared with them.


Alan Walk


Exchange student from New York University

When I was a high school student in America, I worked at a nearby hospital as a temporary computer designer, in specific, a 'knee cap designer'. I was responsible for designing perfect metal replacements for the knee joint with computer programs. I never imagined before that my computer skills would be useful in putting actual human bones in place.


Shin Jong-hoon


Sr., Col. of Liberal Arts
 I taught and counseled children in Kuryong Maeul, a poverty-stricken area located in front of the wealthy Tower Palace in Gangnam, Seoul. These children could not express their emotions especially as their parents were always busy working, so I tried my best to fulfill their needs. This experience helped me make up my mind to be a counselor that resolves children's psychological problems.


Shin Dong-won


Sr., Dept. of Psych.
 When I was an exchange student in Tokyo, Japan, I worked part-time at a convenience store in a central area called Shibuya. Surprisingly, I could experience the famous Japanese 'family business' culture since one father and his three sons were running the store. From the way they applied the old spirit of mastership to running such a modern store, I felt like I were another member of the family. 


Chung Shin-wook


Sr., Col. of Bus. & Econ.

When the Incheon International Airport was under construction, I had a part-time job that counted the daily number of limousine buses entering the construction area. This helped predict the number of limousine buses needed for the new airport. I learned that even tedious work like mine is essential in completing such a national project - both building an airport and earning money are not easy at all.


Oh Young-min


Job Information Center

 By far, the most popular part-time job among Yonseians is private tutoring. However, I would recommend students to build social experience through part-time jobs directly related to their fields of interest. Also, I suggest students to write out a labor contract beforehand as there are many frauds.


*A Korean word often used to mean a part-time job

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