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The judgement about a proper right
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승인 2005.10.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
GO AWAY, after you set a seal, the 2nd mock trial was held by the institute of Law at the Gwangbok Hall on Sept. 14. It dealt with the relationship between the property right and the seal of the will. The problem is whether the dead's will affect or not without his seal when one dies. The trial judged that proper right was unuseful without the seal.
   The motive of the trial was a debate between Yonsei Univ. and a family of the dead, Kim Un-cho. Kim wrote down his will that he would like to contribute his all property to Yonsei Univ. before he died. His all property was given as he said after  death, but his family instituted a suit in that Kim did not set a seal on his will. After the peroid of debating between Yonsei Univ. and the Kim's family, the Kim's family finally won the suit, which showed a simple conclusion that the proper right cannot affect without the seal.
   "I could be aware of the new things with this trial," says Mun Sun-woo (Fresh., Dept. of Law) who attended the trial. As Mun says, it gives people the new view. Anyone interested in more detail can contact the administration of justice. (02-2123-8544)
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