Love Conquers All
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트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

WHAT DO you think is the most important factor of your partner? Some would say "money", some would say "fame", and others would say "appearance". But nowadays, there would be only few people that say "the most important condition for marriage is just love." But could things like money, fame and appearance replace real love? What is the condition of real love? Here is a musical that would give you an answer.

  Brilliant drama to musical

  The musical The Marriage is held at Samil-ro Changgo Theater from Jan. 9 to May 31. This musical's story originates from the drama The Marriage by Lee Gang-baek, a famous Korean writer. As Lee's nickname is "the artisan of allegories", this play is full of unrealistic, but satirical and comical situations. With them, it tries to give some questions related to the meaning of love, and further, the meaning of life. This drama is one of representative Korean literature masterpieces and has been performed many times as a play and operetta. However, it is the first time to be performed as a musical, commemorating the 30th anniversary of Samil-ro Changgo Theater's opening. Both direction and music were made by Chung Dae-kyung, famous as a composer of  music for plays.

  Struggle for marriage

  When the music starts, a man in black appears from the auditorium singing a song. He introduces himself as a servant of a luxurious house. Then, he introduces a poor swindler who lent the house for limited time and calls him "a man". One day, he feels lonely and he wants to marry someone, but no one wants to marry him. So he decides to borrow everything including the luxurious house that can embellish him brilliantly in limited time. He waits for the woman who will eventually become his partner. First, he tries to seduce her with borrowed things, but after a limited time passes, his borrowed goods are taken away by the servant, one by one. The man overcomes each situation with excuses and wit, but as time goes by, he becomes poorer. At last, the woman recognizes the man's fraud tour, and attempts to leave him. He even faces being thrown out of the house. At that moment, the man stops her and confesses his heart. Finally, she  accepts the man's proposal and gets a wedding march.

▲ A poor swindler is waiting for a woman
  Not big, but attractive

  This musical's story would seem a little bit obstinate and exaggerated. Although it claims that love is the most important thing in terms of marriage, in reality, marriage cannot be achieved with just love.

  Despite the unreality of the story, this musical attempts to show its own attraction. It may cast some doubts whether it could attract audiences' attention because the genre "musical" has been conceived as a suitable performance for grand theaters only. Nevertheless, because it is performed in a small but neat place, the audience can feel the unique attractions of the musical.

  The live music creates an exciting atmosphere through the performance. The music is performed by a live band. Their music is in accordance with the atmosphere of the musical and expresses emotions like joy, sadness, and pathos.

  In addition, lyrics of the songs reflect well the feelings. For example, when the woman attempts to leave, the man sings, "During the time I borrow you, I will love you more and more and as time goes by, I'll return everything to you. You are the biggest Dum in my life." The concept that woman's nickname is Dum, which means "an addition", is not only interesting but also teaches us an important fact about the meaning of real love because it paradoxically satires the fact that although "love" could be a borrowed thing, it can be turned into real conception.

  Most of all, the leading part that illuminates this musical is in actors. Although only three actors perform in this musical, their acting ensemble fills the atmosphere of the small stage fully. By showing humor full of wit, singing sweet and pleasant songs, they make the audience excited.

▲ As time flies, the man loses everything.
  Mutual interaction

  Above all, the most conspicuous thing of this musical is that to audience, it is not just a musical to watch, but also a musical to attend. In the small place, the distance between actors and audience is short. During the performance, actors throw questions and favors like "What time is it now?" "Could you lend me a necktie for a moment, please?" The audience becomes a part of the musical by answering these questions. In some scenes, the actors leave the stage and talk to the audience. They enjoy mutual understanding freely with audience. After the performance is finished, actors call for the audience to jump up to the stage in the scene of wedding march. Everybody goes up to the stage and stands around the two actors and they take a picture as if they had been invited to the real wedding march. When the audience leaves the theater, the actors stand in front the gate and thank them. From the beginning to the end, the musical breathes together with the audience.

  Love conquers everything

  There's a song called "Material Girl" sung by Madonna. She sings "Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me I think they're O.K. But only boys who save their pennies make my rainy day, cause we are living in a material world" While everyone says possessions are most precious, the man and the woman in this musical care for nothing but love. For them, love is the only important thing in their marriage. Whether their love is obstinate or not, it's not so bad to watch th em with presence of mind because during the musical, smiles appear to everyone's face and mind.

* Photographed by Kim Young-sung


▲ Chung Dae-kyung,
Director & Composer

Q: How did you direct this musical?
A: I was fascinated by this play and I decided to edit it as the most favorite genre of the audience. In addition, I programmed it for Samil-ro Theater, because this theater has a deep meaning for having played a leading role in improving the performance of a little theater. Nowadays, this role is forgotten by the audience. Because I wanted to maintain the theater, I prepared this performance for its 30th anniversary.
Q: Do you have anything you want from the audience who watches the musical?
I want them to look back on their live after they watch this musical. As "the man" says, everything that we have would not be ours, but all are borrowed things. People may consider love as a possession but love can be a borrowed thing and we don't recognize it. So, I want this musical to give them some small but precious instruction.

The musical The Marriage
Jan. 9 ~ May. 31, 2006
Samil-ro Changgo Theater

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